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California State University, Long Beach
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Housing Facility Regulations for Residents

Housing Facility Regulations outlines the rules and regulations governing student life in the residence halls. The housing rules and regulations and students' rights and responsibilities are similar to living in an apartment or private home with a few modifications for security and group living requirements. All residents share the responsibility for the living environment; therefore, it is important to read and understand these regulations, the terms and conditions of the housing license agreement and the Residence Hall Calendar and Handbook, which will be distributed during move-in day.


Residents bringing bicycles on campus are advised to park them in bicycle racks near the residence halls and to use the highest quality bike locks available.

Except in the International House, bicycles may be kept in individual student rooms when:

  1. the person's roommate does not object ;
  2. the bicycle owner agrees to be responsible for any damage (grease, tire marks, etc.) caused by the bicycle.

Bicycle registration is available at the University Police Office, Monday through Thursday, noon - 2 PM, and is strongly recommended. Bringing a very expensive bicycle to campus is, frankly, not advised.

Fire Safety

On-campus residents can help keep their rooms and their neighbors safe from fire by following housing regulations concerning fireworks, explosives and the use of electrical equipment, and by following general safety standards.

Fire-fighting equipment shall not be used except in the case of fire.

Students should keep in mind that misuse of fire alarms and fire safety equipment is a violation of California Penal Code Section 146.4. Anyone found responsible for setting a false alarm will be subject to dismissal from the residence halls, suspension from the university and criminal prosecution. Students who fail to evacuate when an alarm sounds also are subject to disciplinary action.

Hall Closures

The residence halls will be closed during semester break and spring break (housing fees do not include these periods). If students are authorized by the Housing & Residential Life Office to remain in a residence hall during the closed periods, they shall pay a nominal fee in accordance with Section 42004 of Title V of the California Administrative Code. No meals are served in the residence dining halls during these periods. Only the International House, Residence Commons, Parkside Commons and The Residential Learning College will have space available during semester break. The university, after giving advance notice, reserves the right to make temporary reassignment of rooms during vacation periods.


The following are provided in good condition by the university for each occupant: single bed, chair, study desk, dresser, wastebasket and mattress cover. Each resident must furnish his/her own blankets, towels, bedspread, sheets, pillowcases and desk lamp.

Every piece of furniture in your room, study room and lounge at the time you move in must stay there for the duration of your residency. You may not remove, store or trade furnishings from your room or from any lounge or study room.


There are no set hours when residents are required to be in the halls.

As all exterior doors are secured, each resident will have access to the exterior doors of their building. Residents assume responsibility for their keycard and for maintaining the security of the building when entering or leaving. Residents under 18 and their parents are advised to reach an agreement as to the hours the resident will keep. The university does not assume responsibility for residents when they are away from the hall overnight.


All new and continuing students born after Jan. 1, 1957, who reside in the residence halls, are required to provide proof of immunization against measles and rubella directly to the Student Health Center.

No Alcohol

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in and around the residence halls. No exceptions. View the Housing & Residential Life Rules & Regulations Relating to Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs.

No Smoking

No smoking is permitted in or within 20 feet of any residence halls or other campus buildings in accordance with university smoking policy passed in spring of 2003. View the Housing & Residential Life Rules & Regulations Relating to Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs.

Overnight Guests

Arrangements for registered overnight guests shall be made in advance with the residence coordinator, as specified in the Residence Hall Calendar and Handbook.


Due to the need for pest control, the potential for disruption, and safety and medical reasons, animals other than non-harmful fish are not permitted in any Housing facility for any length of time. This policy also includes guests’ pets. Individuals in violation may be assessed an associated cleaning and fumigation fee, mandatory removal of the pet and possibly disciplinary action. This policy does not apply to service and assistance animals approved as reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. For information on accommodation, please contact the Housing and Residential Life Office.

Refund for Missed Meals

A refund shall not be made for a missed single meal. A refund of 60 percent of the pro rata cost may be given if a resident is absent from the university for four or more consecutive days due to medical or academic circumstances judged by the university to be beyond the control of the licensee.

Quiet Hours and Very Quiet Hours

It is expected that residents and their guests will respect the rights of others by maintaining a reasonable limit of noise at all times. What's loud? Loud is any level of noise that disturbs any other resident.

Residents, based upon their request and space availability, will be placed in halls with either regular quiet hours or "very" quiet hours. Regular quiet hours in designated halls are 7 PM to 8 AM, Sunday through Thursday, and midnight to 8 AM, Friday and Saturday. Quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day in halls with "very" quiet hours.

RHA (Residence Hall Association)

All residents become members of the Residence Hall Association (the student government organization of the halls) and are required to abide by all standards and regulations adopted by the university and hall government, as specified in the Residence Hall Calendar and Handbook.


Residents are not allowed on the roof of any residence hall.

Revoking a License

The university, by giving reasonable notice [one to three days), may revoke a license for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. disorderly, unethical, vicious or immoral conduct in or near the residence halls;
  2. misuse, abuse, theft or destruction of residence hall property;
  3. possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  4. sale or knowing possession of dangerous drugs, restricted dangerous drugs or narcotics, as those terms are used in the California statutes, except when lawfully prescribed pursuant to medical or dental care;
  5. possession or use of highly flammable materials, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, dangerous weapons or any other material or instrument which, in the opinion of university authorities, poses an unreasonable risk of damage or injury;
  6. general behavior in the residence halls, over a period of time, which indicates that the resident is not able to adjust to the requirements of group living; or
  7. failure to meet a specific payment schedule. Residents removed from the halls may still be held financially responsible for their residence hall license.

Space Availability

In the event that bed space becomes unavailable as the result of enrollment trends or conditions not reasonably foreseen at the time the license agreement is made, the university reserves the right to reallocate space and reassign a licensee to another room. Conditions include, but are not limited to, damage caused by floods, fires, earthquakes, slides or other natural disasters.

Student Housing License Agreement

You are required to sign a Student Housing License Agreement each year, and it's very important that you read your copy carefully. Be sure you understand that the contract is binding for the entire academic year when entering for the fall; you can't move off campus at the end of the fall semester or any time during the academic year. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Housing and Residential Life Office before signing the license.

Sporting Activities

Playing ball or engaging in other sports activities is not permitted in or around the residence halls, except on the lawn north of Los Alamitos Hall and the Housing and Residential Life lawn.

Key Issue

Your mailbox key will be issued to you, and your campus I.D. card encoded, when you check into your room. If you lose your mailbox key, obtain a replacement at the Housing Office. The key replacement charge is $50. All students reside in a keycard access building, and if you lose your I.D., go to the I.D. card center and have your card replaced. A fee determined by the I.D. card center will be charged. In order to have your I.D. card re-encoded for building access, visit your hall office or the Housing and Residential Life Office.

Window Screens

All rooms have window screens that must be fastened at all times. Tampering with window screens is strictly prohibited and penalties will be assessed if this policy is violated.