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California State University, Long Beach
Housing &  Residential Life
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Living Learning Communities

What is a Living-Learning Community?

CSULB’s Freshmen Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are intentional, inclusive communities formed around common themes or college programs where students have an opportunity to live and learn together. Freshman can thus choose to live in a community with other students who have the same social and academic interests.


Do freshmen have to live in a Living-Learning Community?

All freshmen who live on campus have options when it comes to their living choice. Participating in a living-learning community (LLC) and getting connected to your residential college can help to make the transition to college smoother. Housing and Residential Life recommends that freshman sign-up to live and participate in a living-learning community program. However, it is ultimately your choice if you desire to live in this type of community.


Why would I want to live in a Living-Learning Community?

Helps you get Good Grades

Research indicates that students living in an LLC report higher grade point averages and are more likely to stay at the university and receive an overall better college experience. Living-Learning Communities will provide you with the opportunity to create study groups because you are living and taking at least one course together. Additionally, the extra support you receive from Faculty-In-Residence, Residential Academic Advisors, and Resident Assistants, will help you gain the necessary skills to succeed in your courses.

Make new Friends

Starting college can be exciting yet a little overwhelming. LLC’s will help you transition to college because you will be living with others who have the same personal and academic interests. Your Faculty-In-Residence and Resident Assistants will provide opportunities for you to make friends with others in your community by offering field trips, floor and building events, and providing other academic and social programs.

Reserved Courses that Count Towards your Degree

By signing up for a living-learning community each semester you will be required to take either a General Education course (which is required for graduation), major course and/or program specific course that is associated with your LLC theme. Participating in an LLC automatically reserves your seat in the course before you attend new student orientation. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Academic Advising

The advising program developed for freshmen coupled with the special relationships created by the freshmen living together in the LLC’s have proven to result in a wonderful atmosphere of collaboration. Advising experiences have led to enthusiastic discussions on choosing courses for the next semester as well as the beginning of the important decision making for choosing a major.


Applying for a Living-Learning Community

Only first time freshman who meet the requirements for each specific Living-Learning Community can apply. If you decide to sign-up for a living-learning community, you are required to live in one of the designated living-learning community halls, or buildings. Furthermore, you will be required each semester to take either a General Education course (which is required for graduation), major and/or program specific course that is associated with your LLC theme. There is limited amount of space per each community. Therefore, each community is on a first come first serve basis.

You will indicate on the housing application, your living-learning community preference. By the beginning of May you will be notified via email with a confirmation letter, if you were accepted into one of the living-learning communities. By accepting to participate in one of these communities, you are committing to living in a designated building and/or floor and taking the designated courses each semester for the community. Please note that assignments are to specific sections of courses and cannot be changed. In order to remain in your living-learning community, you must stay enrolled in this designated course.

When you attend Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR), please bring your printed confirmation letter to show to your SOAR and Professional Advisor that you are participating in a Living-Learning Community.


Living-Learning Community 1, Parkside College: Healthy Living and Wellness

LLC Healthy

Students who are interested in living a balanced, active, and healthy lifestyle will have an opportunity to explore themselves through in-class and out-of-class experiences. Additionally, they will explore other areas of health and wellness such as mental and spiritual health. Students will also engage in discussions and topics including but not limited to healthy eating habits, nutrition, stress management, and a variety of exercise options. Furthermore, students will guide their own experiences in the community by choosing which programs and activities they want to host for their living-learning community. Students in this community will live in Parkside College and will also enroll in a 3 unit, General Education course, Fitness for Living (Kin 157), taught by a Faculty in Residence.

Colleges/Majors associated with this LLC: This community is geared towards students who are in the following colleges/majors: College of Liberal Arts and College of Business Administration, and specific pre-majors or majors within the College of Health and Human Services: Kinesiology, Healthy Science, Child Development, Nutrition, Fashion Merchandise, Leisure and Recreation, and Health Care Administration.

This living-learning community is open to all class levels.


Living-Learning Community 2, Parkside College: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

LLC Science

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Living-Learning Community (LLC) is for first-year STEM students. The goal of this community is to assist first-year STEM students in achieving academic and personal success and to foster a supportive and collaborative environment for students interested in these fields. Students participate in a variety of personal, academic development and career exploration activities such as exploring the health professions, which help build a sense of community and understanding of the STEM disciplines. Based on students’ areas of interest in the STEM field, they will have an opportunity to work with their Faculty-in-Residence and Resident Assistants to guide their community in workshops and discussions. Students in this community will live in Parkside College and will either take an Experience Success Course (NSCI 190A) for CNSM majors or Fundamentals of Engineering Analysis (Engr 101) in addition to one of their required Math courses.

Colleges/Majors associated with this LLC: Students with declared pre-majors in the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, and the College of Engineering are invited to participate in this community.


Living-Learning Community 3, Beachside College: Exploring The Beach - A First-Year Experience

LLC Beach

CSULB’s Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are intentional, inclusive communities formed around common themes or college programs where you will be living and learning together. By participating in one of the four living-learning communities you are agreeing to be a member of the community for an entire academic year. The Exploring the Beach community is intended for any first-year students and/or undeclared first-year freshman. Students will be given key resources to discover and research majors and careers based on their interests, values, personality and skill set. Students will engage in meaningful discussions around how to take a proactive role in the major/career decision making process. Students will have the opportunity to engage in programs and services designed to introduce them to critical programs, services and resources as well as connect them to the university and fellow students.

Colleges/Majors associated with this LLC: Any major can participate in this living-learning community.


Living-Learning Community 4, Hillside College: University Honors Program

LLC Honors

This community is open to students who are admitted into the University Honors Program. The University Honors Program (UHP) Living-Learning Community enriches the educational experience of high-achieving students through its commitment to academic excellence and undergraduate research, mentorship and professionalism, and meaningful engagement both on-campus and in the surrounding communities. The Honors curriculum explores social justice, diversity, and sustainability topics that encourage students to become informed citizens locally and globally. Students who participate in the UHP Living-Learning Community will enroll in UHP 100 “Angeles of Vision” and UHP 150 “Exploring-a-Text” in the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Students in this community will live in Hillside College - Los Cerritos. For more information about the UHP as well as the admissions criteria and application process, please consult the Program website at