Living, Learning and Thematic Communities

Those who choose to live on campus have an opportunity to participate and live in a community where students share common residential experiences. Participating in an Academic or Themed community will help with transitioning into college. Housing and Residential Life offers three distinct communities within each Residential College: Living-Learning Communities, Thematic Learning Communities, and Academic Houses.

If you decide to sign-up for a Living-Learning Community, Thematic Learning Community, or Academic House, you are required to live in one of the designated floors, halls, or buildings.

There is limited amount of space per each community. Therefore, each community is on a first come first serve basis.

Do all Residents have to live in an Academic or Thematic Community?

All students who live on campus have options when it comes to their living choice. Participating in a Living-Learning community (LLC), Thematic Learning Community (TLC), or Academic house will allow one to get connected to their residential college. Housing and Residential Life recommends that first-year freshman sign-up to live and participate in an LLC Program or Academic House. Returning and Transfer residents also have the opportunity to participate in TLCs or Academic House. It is ultimately your choice if you desire to live in this type of community.

Living-Learning Communities Thematic Communities Academic Houses