Frequently Asked Questions About Meal Plans

The Housing License must include a room and board (meal) plan. As there are no cooking facilities in the Residence Halls, students who don't want food service should choose an apartment off campus.

Flex Dollars are connected to a student's meal plan, accessed through the Beach ID Card, and redeemable at 49er Shops dining locations and convenience stores found on campus.

By choosing the flex dollars you are alloted $150 each semester onto your ID Card.

No, unused meals are non-refundable. If you skip a meal or do not use all the meals per week, you lose out and are not refunded. Unused meal in the weekly plans do not roll over to the next week.

New residents can change meal plans up through the first week of school for the current term. After this, residents in Fall who want to change meal plans for Spring term can do so the last two weeks of Fall semester.

The Residential Dining Halls will have continuous dining hours, so that there is only one open and close time. These hours are still to be determine. Within the continuous Dining hours, there will be established meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Operating hours at the three Residence Dining halls were established to accommodate students who work, participate in athletic teams or have broken class schedules. Residents are welcome to dine in any of the dining halls and have the option at weekday breakfast to make their own sack lunch. If you cannot make dinner, you are allowed to get a take away carton during the lunch hours.

  • What if I have special dietary needs?

    Any residents with special dietary need or restriction, please speak to the Dining Hall manager or speak with our Residential Dining Hall Dietitian.