Hillside College

Hillside Suites (A , B, C, D, E, & F Halls)

Hillside College includes six two-story, carpeted residence halls utilizing a self-contained suite design. A suite is a cluster of three rooms (double) or a cluster of four rooms (single and three doubles) each with their own bathrooms. All the buildings are coed with self-contained, separate locked suites for men and women located across the corridors from each other, Each building has a common lounge, complete with a faux fireplace and a standard-size TV, where students can meet. Each building has a laundry room.

These halls are also served by a central customer service office which is open daily 10:00 AM to 10 PM. The office offers many services including mail distribution, checkout of games, vacuums and recreational equipment. The Hillside office also contains a large, quiet study area which may be used by residents during regular office hours.

Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos Halls

As part of Hillside College, our two traditional halls closest to campus and classroom facilities are Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos. Carpeted double rooms are located off corridors where newly renovated common bathroom and shower facilities are shared by all students living on the wing. Both air-conditioned, three-story residence halls house 208 students, with separate floors or wings for men and women. Facilities include a large, comfortable lounge, recreation room with a big screen TV, and a central customer service office for mail, messages and general information. Most residents find that the traditional design significantly enhances the opportunity to get acquainted. Both halls have laundry facilities on the first floor. Los Alamitos features a coffee house serving Starbucks products called The Ground Floor. Los Cerritos features a classroom/multipurpose room.

International House Hall

The International House offers a unique opportunity in both living and international understanding. Utilizing a modern lodge design, two-story hall, this Hillside College hall includes double rooms in a two or three room suite design with a shared bathroom. All of the suites open to one of two spacious lounges, featuring a big screen TV and adjoining libraries that host many international programs during the year. The goal of International House is to pair American students with international students as roommates. Every effort is made to achieve this unique environment. International House also includes it's own "backyard" and laundry room. CSULB's International House featured in Beach Review, "International House is Diversity Plus."

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