Beachside College (Off-site Housing)

These residence halls are perfect for residents who are looking for the intimacy of a small residential college but want the opportunities of a large university. Residents and faculty come together in this unique environment complete with double and triple rooms for over 600 residents, faculty apartments, spacious multi-purpose room, study rooms, computer lab, classrooms, pool and a dining hall. On-site classes, academic advising and a full range of educational and social activities are offered on-site to support resident's academic and personal success. Offering the atmosphere, amenities and security of campus housing, Beachside College consists of two buildings located on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Clark Avenue. Its prime location on PCH is approximately one mile away from CSULB, providing a welcome escape from campus without the sacrifice of convenience, as there are free shuttle buses providing morning to late night service from Beachside College to the main campus in a matter of minutes. Many local restaurants, shops, golf courses and parks are conveniently nearby the halls. The residents of Beachside College are able to utilize the other two CSULB campus dining halls and may participate in all RHA activities.

Beachside College was completely renovated in 1992, with additional refurbishment that was completed in 2009. Each building is three stories high with large double and triple rooms. The buildings are a hybrid of traditional and suite style living. The rooms are situated along a long traditional style hallway, and offer great two room suite-style living with a shared bathroom. All rooms include air conditioning, wireless internet access and basic cable television. Each building has a laundry facility and a common area on each floor. A computer lab is available for all residents in Beach Hall. The outdoor amenities include a swimming pool, patio deck, and green area.

The street address for Beachside College is 4825 E. Pacific Coast Highway.

Gender Inclusive

Housing, Residential Life & Auxiliaries (HRLA) is committed to helping all students find a comfortable living environment, as such, we are committed to accommodating the housing needs of the transgender, genderqueer and gender-nonconforming students. Gender-inclusive rooms and bathrooms are located on the first floor of Pacific Building at Beachside Residential College. All residents are welcome to use the bathrooms and live in a room that matches their gender identity. The primary purpose for gender-inclusive housing is to provide support to students who need or request accommodations due to gender identity/expression. Transgender, genderqueer and gender-nonconforming students may engage in an interactive process with HRLA’s Assistant Director(s) to find a space that best meets their needs. If two students opt to live together, regardless of gender differences, we will honor that request through our gender-inclusive spaces. In order to provide support for the needs of transgender, genderqueer and gender nonconforming students, Student Housing welcomes potential and current residents to contact HRLA.

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