FAQs for Move Out


Updated 5-1-2020

What if I left personal belongings in my room and can’t return to campus to retrieve them because of the safer-at-home order?

To secure items and to make space for remaining students and for emergency personnel as part of the greater pandemic response, all items have been carefully bagged, marked, and stored.

Until the safer-at-home order is lifted (currently through May 15 for the city of Long Beach and greater Los Angeles County; no firm end date for California), we will not be providing access for students to return to campus and retrieve items. Once Governor Newsom lifts the order, we will begin to take sign-ups for students to retrieve items. We will be communicating to you via email regarding this process as well as updating http:\\housing.csulb.edu.

If I’m given a single during this time, will I be charged a single rate?

No, all students will be charged the same rate as they have signed up for at the beginning of the semester.

Will I get a refund?

 All students will be assessed room and meal charges from Jan 19 to date of vacate (March 27th the latest). Those students who are on the installment plan will have future charges adjusted and based on what has been paid into the student account may not have a refund after account adjustment. 
Those students whose “account inquiry” on the student portal, shows no future due dates, would be considered students who paid in full for the semester.  After adjustments are made, these students will likely have a refund.  We hope to process adjustment to charges within the next 2-3 weeks of vacating rooms. Once adjustments are made from Housing, the process to refunds is initiated the following day.  It can take about 4-6 weeks for the university to process refunds after that.    

I vacated the residential halls early due to Covid19. Why does my account still show I have a balance due?

Students on the installment payment plan had future charges adjusted and based on what the student had paid into their student account you may see future charges and you may not receive a refund.

Our staff has adjusted each student’s account, so their account now reflects the most current and accurate information. When adjusting each student’s account our staff adjusted the amount owed based on the number of days each student resided in the halls (beginning on January 19th to the date vacated) and credited what had already been paid. Any amount due on a student’s account for their room and meal plan is accurate and updated after considering the payments we received from the student this semester.

Please note, students moved in on January 19th however, a payment was not due in January. The first payment was due in February.

If I'm due a refund how will I receive my refund?

All adjustments will be made.  Its suggested that student have sign-up for E-Refund on the student portal and make sure to update their home address.  Students can then work with the student finance office to receive checks etc.

Will the Service Centers be open for mail?

Beachside and Parkside service centers will close on March 27. Begining March 28, mail will be received or processed at these sites. All service center operations will be consolidated to the Hillside Service Center (located in the white building adjacent to parking lot G4).

Please make sure you update your mailing addresses with all companies (ie. Amazon, phone companies, jobs, credit cards, etc.), in MyCSULB. This applies to residents remaining on campus AND residents moving out.

What about parking permits and campus shuttles?

The Beachside permit will be valid on campus. .  Residents can park in E and G lots provided they have a valid residential parking permit. Residents should not park in designated spaces such as handicap, red curb/fire lanes, D spaces, A spaces, and short-term spaces (unless purchased a short-term parking permit.)

For additional questions contact Parking & Transportation.

What about Summer housing licensures?

Summer housing is available. If you are interested in summer housing please make sure to apply.

Will housing still be open for Fall 2020 or will it be postponed due to COVID-19?

Currently, housing is slated to remain open and operational for the 2020-2021 academic year. However, the COVID-19 situation is difficult to predict, and this may change. The university and housing office are working through several scenarios to establish protocol that will prepare us for any updates we may receive from the Federal and State Government, and the Chancellor’s Office. As the situation develops and our office receives more information, we will communicate with students via their CSULB email regarding any changes or updates. We encourage students to check their email regularly to see all updates sent from both the university and our department. If housing is unable to open the halls to students in the Fall due to COVID-19, confirmed housing students will be eligible to receive a refund for any housing payment made towards the 2020-2021 year, only after official notification is released from the university or our department that Fall 2020 move-in is postponed or cancelled.