FAQs for Move Out


Because alternative delivery will occur for all classes throughout the Spring 2020 semester, we require all students who are able to vacate student housing. We need ALL RESIDENTS to complete the Move Out Form linked here by March 20th. Within, you can request accommodations if you are unable to vacate the residence halls by March 27th.

What if I left campus and my belongings are still in my room?

If possible, we ask students to return to campus to retrieve their belongings. This will assist in our ability to clean halls and prepare them for full shut down. This will also allow us to create additional distancing post-move out for those who remain.

I’m in one of the counties that have instituted shelter-in-place restrictions.  Can I stay in housing?

As of March 16, the county guidelines permitted residents of those counties to travel if they were traveling to their homes where they will stay during the shelter-in-place time period. As with everything related to this crisis, things are evolving. We will work with students to assist them. If you think you will need to stay on campus, please indicate that in the Move Out Form.

What if I can’t get back to campus to retrieve my items?

We ask that all students make every effort to retrieve their belongings by March 27th.  If students are unable to do so, please indicate in the move out form. After March 27th, we will start to bag items, label them, and store them on campus.  We will be flexible about storing items during this time but we do not have the facilities or ability to store long term. At that point, as well, we will be disposing of food items that could attract pests.  All of this is necessary for us to assist in our consolidation process for those who remain as well as to reduce the buildings that will need security. If housing would have to move belongings, we will do our best to be careful with the items but do not hold any responsibility for damaged belongings.  Again, if students absolutely cannot make it back before March 27, please indicate on the Move Out Form and provide your reasons.  We will communicate with students via email about their items as this situation evolves.

Can I authorize someone to come and retrieve my items from my room?

Please email housing@csulb.edu. You will be emailed the online Pickup Authorization Form to authorize someone to retrieve your items.

The authorized person must report to the Service Center of your Residential College between the hours of 8am-10pm before March 27 and speak with HRL representative at the desk. That person retrieving items will need to provide a government-issued photo ID to the HRL staff member.

I’ve filled out the form with a request to stay past March 27th - when will I be notified??

We ask all residents to fill out the Move Out Form by March 20th, including Guardian Scholars, international students, and students requesting an exemption. All requests will be evaluated by our staff.  We will respond on a rolling basis, with all students receiving a response by March 23rd.

I need to stay on campus because I have in-person labs/studios for the rest of the semester.

Per the President’s statement, all instruction (including labs and studios) will move to virtual delivery.

If – after receiving updated communication from your faculty – you still have concerns about course work that is interfering with your ability to vacate please email studentdean@csulb.edu and include the course, instructor name, and concern.

My professors are requiring assignments and tests before Friday, March 20th.

President Conoley has put a pause on all instruction until Friday, March 20th. If you have concerns about course work that is interfering with your ability to vacate please email studentdean@csulb.edu with the course and instructor name (and information about the test/assignment due date/communication).

I need to stay on campus for the rest of the semester; why can’t I remain in my own room?

We are preparing for the scenario in which our staffing is reduced due to the effects of the virus or potential shelter-in-place in LA county or the City of Long Beach. If that is the case we would not be able to fully service all 18 residence halls and 3 dining halls. The consolidation to one residential college will allow HRL and CSULB services to have focused attention, will assist in safety/security, while also providing social distancing arrangements.

Isn’t it counter to social distancing to consolidate students into fewer buildings?

We have consulted with public health officials and our chief medical officer on campus about this decision. We will be putting students in rooms by themselves, reducing the number of people using shared restrooms and providing necessary space in between residents. 

If I’m given a single during this time, will I be charged a single rate?

No, all students will be charged the same rate as they have signed up for at the beginning of the semester.

I’ve been approved to stay.  When will I be asked to move to a different room?

We can’t say for certain, as it depends on when the rooms you will be moving to are empty and cleaned for you to move in. We will give students a few days to move from the time that they receive notification. All those approved to stay will receive further instructions. You should begin to pack and prepare to vacate your room.

Will there be any assistance for moving?

For those who are going to relocate to a different room in Hillside or Parkside, we will create a check out process for moving carts. For those who are relocating from Beachside, we will assist those students with facility trucks and vans.  Continue to watch your email as we will send updates as arrangements have been finalized.

What about Spring Break?  Will I need to sign up for that period separately? Will there be charges?

Due to the circumstances, we will not require students to leave during break or to fill out any other paperwork. There will be no charges for staying during the spring break period. If students have paid for spring break already, we will refund that costs. Meals will be served in the designated dining hall during this period.

Will I get a refund?

As you can imagine, the priority is assisting students with move out and preparing consolidation for students that remain on campus.  All students will be assessed room and meal charges from Jan 19 to date of vacate (March 27th the latest). Those students who are on the installment plan will have future charges adjusted and based on what has been paid into the student account may not have a refund after account adjustment. 
Those students whose “account inquiry” on the student portal, shows no future due dates, would be considered students who paid in full for the semester.  After adjustments are made, these students will likely have a refund.  We hope to process adjustment to charges within the next 2-3 weeks of vacating rooms. Once adjustments are made from Housing, the process to refunds is initiated the following day.  It can take about 4-6 weeks for the university to process refunds after that.    

If I'm due a refund how will I receive my refund?

All adjustments will be made to the student account.  Its suggested that student have sign-up for E-Refund on the student portal and make sure to update their home address.  Students can then work with the student finance office to receive checks etc.…

Will the Service Centers be open for mail?

Beachside and Parkside service centers will close on March 27. There is no guarantee that mail will be received or processed at these sites. We are working with USPS but do not have an answer at this time.  All service center operations will be consolidated to the Hillside Service Center (located in the white building adjacent to parking lot G4) beginning March 27th.

Please make sure you update your mailing addresses with all companies (ie. Amazon, phone companies, jobs, credit cards, etc.), in MyCSULB, and with USPS if applicable. (Note: The USPS website will not allow students to update the form electronically, and students will need to go to a postal service to have the update to address completed.) This applies to residents remaining on campus AND residents moving out.

What about parking permits and campus shuttles?

The on-campus and Los Coyotes shuttles will cease operations at the end of the day (3/17).  Beachside shuttle will continue until March 27.

The Beachside permit will be valid on campus. Parking is issuing citations in G and E lots for “no valid permits”, but has agreed not to cite in R1, R2, R3, and Beachside lot through final move out date (March 27).  Residents can park in E and G lots provided they have a valid residential parking permit. Residents should not park in designated spaces such as handicap, red curb/fire lanes, D spaces, A spaces, and short-term spaces (unless purchased a short-term parking permit.)

For additional questions contact Parking & Transportation.

I am having technical issues with the online Move Out Information Form

There are a lot of residents trying to complete the form at the same time, so please keep trying. Some options for trouble shooting include: trying a different browser; opening an “incognito window” or “private browsing window” (see instructions here for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and iPhone); and clearing cache/history.

What about Summer housing licensures?

We have not yet made plans for summer housing, so please come back for additional updates about summer housing plans.