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California State University, Long Beach
Student Health Fee Increase Proposal
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Response Form

Information session
on proposed Student Health Fee increase

Thursday, May 5,
from 3 to 4 p.m.
in the Multicultural Center.


Proposal Information

Officials from the Division of Student Affairs and Student Health Services have requested that the Student Fee Advisory Committee forward a proposal to President Conoley for her to consider an increase in the campus' Student Health Center Fee. The increased fee will help prevent the elimination or reduction of services at the health center while adding to its offerings in the areas of mental health services, wellness/health promotion and specialty clinics.

The amount of the proposed increase is $60 per year, which would raise the current $90 per year fee up to $150. However, the increase would be phased in over two years with the Year 1 (Spring 2017) increase being $40 a year ($20 a semester), and the Year 2 (Spring 2018) increase adding the remaining $20 per year ($10 per semester).

In addition, the Student Health Center’s Facility Fee would increase from $6 to $10 per year (from $3 to $5 a semester). This small increase will allow the health center to upgrade exam rooms and patient areas.

Arguments FOR Fee Increase

  • There hasn't been an increase of the Student Health Center and Facility fees in more than 10 years, since 2005. Just taking into account inflation, the $90 per year fee set in 2005 would need to be adjusted to $110 per year to simply hold the same value in 2015.
  • A fee increase is necessary to prevent the elimination or reduction of services being offered through the Student Health Center.
  • The increase is necessary to prevent the loss of additional hourly staff positions at the health center.
  • Wait times for appointments will increase without the additional fee revenue.
  • On-campus health services provide the best opportunity for timely intervention with contagious illnesses and other public health concerns.
  • Many students do not have transportation to access off-campus health services, making the convenience of on-campus care that much more important.
  • The Student Health Center has staff members who specialize in working with college students and provide services from a preventive and educational approach.

Arguments AGAINST Fee Increase

  • Student fees are already too high.
  • Students are generally healthy and do not have a need for medical care.
  • Many students can go to their own personal doctor(s) off-campus, utilizing their own or their parents' insurance.
  • It would be better to reduce services rather than impose a fee increase.
  • Other funding sources within the university should be used to support the Student Health Center.
  • Some students may not utilize services due to their schedule.

Phone: 562.985.2208