EOP Application Procedures and Deadlines

Step 1 – Complete the CSU application & EOP Application (www.calstate.edu/apply)

  • The EOP Application is integrated within the CSU application
  • Fall Applicants: CSU application period is October 1 through November 30.

Step 2 – Complete the EOP applicant information at (www.calstate.edu/apply)

  • Applicant Information - is completed by you. (You will need your parent’s income information in order to complete this form).
  • Two Recommendation forms - Provide the email addresses of two different recommenders. They will receive an email link through Cal State Apply to complete and submit the online form. (The form should not be completed by family members)

Step 3 – Check on your EOP file.

  • You may call our office at (562) 985-5637 should you have any questions about your file.

Additional Information

  • Our EOP office does not require copies of tax returns or transcripts (other CSU EOP programs may require them). Transcripts or other documents requested by Enrollment Services should be sent directly to their office.
  • If you are having technical problems with your account, call (857) 304-2087.
Remember it is your responsibility to follow up on your file and make sure that all documents have been sent.


Spring Admissions :
October 4th: Spring application

Fall admissions :
January 15th : Applicant Information
January 31th: Recommendation Forms