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California State University, Long Beach
Disabled Student Services.
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Services Provided by the Support Services & Advising Program


Support Services Program at Disabled Student Services also provides advising for general education courses. In order to take advantage of these services, please call and make an appointment with an advisor.


As a disabled student, you are entitled to one hour of tutoring per class, per week. In order to receive this service, please come in to Support Services and ask for a tutoring referral. All of the tutoring is done through the Learning Assistance Center.

Disabled/Medical Parking

DSS Parking Procedures for Permanent and Temporary Disabilities

On the CSULB campus, disabled parking is offered for students with a DMV placard.  When you come in for your gate card, please provide your student ID number and your placard number. 

Gate Card/DMV Placard rules:

  1. The gate card will let you into all the gated faculty/staff lots.
  2. You will need to always have a paid parking permit from CSULB and have it displayed at all times with the placard/medical parking permit.  Permits can be purchased through your “myCSULB” account or in person at the Parking Services office.  You will need to know your license plate number or thelast 7 digits of your VIN in order to purchase a permit.  Daily passes can be purchased at the yellow dispensaries on campus.
  3. You may park in any regular, unmarked spot.  Parking in a marked spot such as “carpool”, “state vehicle”, “reserved”, “restricted”, or the “President’s” spot will result in a ticket.
  4. You may only park in the blue disabled spots if you have a DMV placard.
  5. On the CSULB campus, you must pay to park in the meters when you use the placard and disabled/medical parking permit.
  6. When using the placard on the CSULB campus, you may not park in the loading zones for longer than the written time limit.
  7. Maps of parking lots are in the DSS office and online. 

DSS will issue a temporary medical parking permit with the appropriate medical verification.  A one month pass can be issued.  You will need to know your license plate number.

DSS does not handle parking tickets.  Please take them to Parking Services.  DSS will not accept the ticket.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I have a pass if I am pregnant?

             Typically no.  If there is a complication with your pregnancy we can issue a one month temporary permit with a doctor’s note until you can get a placard.

What if I don’t have a placard?

             If you don’t have a placard, DSS can give you the form for the DMV.  DSS staff can assist you in filling out the form, but you will need to take the application form to your doctor and then to the DMV or AAA, in order to receive a DMV placard.  DSS can also issue a temporary permit with valid medical verification for one month until you receive your DMV placard.   

Is there a fee waiver for parking permits at CSULB?

             The campus parking fee may be waived for students with disabilities who have a valid DMV disabled person placard or license plate and who meet the eligibility standards based on their financial information and documentation.  Please see DSS or Financial Aid office for further assistance with this waiver. 

Parking Fee Waiver Form (PDF PDF icon, 169 KB)

If you have any other questions, please call the DSS Support Services office at 562-985-4635.

Campus and Agency Liaison

DSS acts as a liaison when issues need to be clarified between the student and university faculty administration.  DSS also has working relationships with community organizations for the disabled , including the California State Department of Rehabilitation and independent living programs.  DSS also serves as a liaison between the University Business Office and second party sponsorship of fees.

Test Taking Services

Special testing accommodation for course related examinations are arranged through Support Services Program. These accommodations include: readers, writers, monitors, extended time, and alternative testing locations. DSS will provide you with the necessary paperwork and assistance in making these arrangements with your instructors. DSS will also accommodate extended evening and weekend exams. Contact the Support Services Program at (562) 985-4635 for more information.

Students should also contact Disabled Student Services to obtain necessary information regarding special accommodations for University (E P T, E L M, W P E) and standardized testing (G R E, L S A T, C BEST). Support Services Program will provide verification letters and complete special accommodations forms.

Note Takers

Support Services Program can assist in providing and hiring note takers for those who have difficulty taking notes for themselves because of their disability. Notes, however, will not be taken on the day of an absence.

Priority Registration

Undergraduate students receive priority registration following their initial semester at CSULB.

Our staff is here to assist students in accessing and understanding the registration system and helping with academic advising.

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications are available through the university's online scholarship application: CSULB Center for Scholarship Information