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California State University, Long Beach
Club Sports and Recreation
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Indoor Rowing

What is Rowing? 

Feel the motion as it motivates each part of you – and experience one of the most exhilarating workouts available. You’ll breathe deeper, sleep better and enjoy a clear mind and sound body. Indoor rowing combines the best of rowing, the highest aerobic fitness standards and advanced interactive technology. A completely balanced series of isometric and traditional rowing movements that strengthen your body’s four major systems:

Your upper- and lower-abdominal and back muscles are engaged throughout each stroke and the entire rowing routine. The rowing stroke uses your major leg muscles, including the calves, thighs, hamstrings, buttocks and hips, to control the power and speed of the stroke. When pulling the handle in to “Finish” the stroke, you’re strengthening and toning the shoulders, back and arms. Your cardiovascular system gets stronger and healthier as your body works to deliver oxygen to the wide range of muscles used in the rowing stroke.
Core importance. 

The core holds your body upright and tall – and every movement you make originates in the core. By building a strong core, you’ll improve overall strength, enjoy better posture and have more total body stability and flexibility. With every single rowing stroke, you strengthen your core. And, by creating a stable, strong base for those muscles, you can minimize back pain caused by muscle imbalances and reduce risk of injury.
Core benefits of indoor rowing: 

  • Accessible and appealing to all ages and fitness levels 
  • Uses high-quality, durable equipment (Concept2/Model D, E) 
  • Offers supportive classes teaching proper technique and safety 
  • High-calorie burning (up to 800 calories per class) 
  • Incorporates strength training for the core, legs and upper-body 
  • Excellent cross-training for runners, bikers and swimmers 
  • Consists of a smooth, fluid motion
  • Non-weight bearing exercise 
  • Ideal for special needs: injuries, sensitive joints, obesity 
  • It’s fun, competitive, motivating and simple to learn

Times / Locations:

M/W 12pm
Kin- 1 Rm 88

$40 Monthly
Add Crosstrain for $20
Unlimited access to both classes $60

Drop-in rate $5

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