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California State University, Long Beach
Counseling and Psychological Services, CAPS
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Our Team

Vacant, OCEAN Program Coordinator

Jane Duong, OCEAN Program Coordinator



Graduate Institution:

Undergraduate Degree:

Professional Interests:

Past-time Activities:

Jennifer Miller, OCEAN Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Miller

Graduate Degree: M.A.Ed., Social and Cultural Analysis of Education

Professional Interests: Student Affairs, Health & Wellness, Advocating for folks through the use of peer education programs, activities, and other resources to help improve their educational / life journey in any way possible.

Past-time Activities: Traveling, Trying new foods, YouTube, Watching movies & documentaries, Thrifting


Graduate Peer Educators

Amaris Baker

Amaris Baker
Degree Program: M.S.

Specialization: Marriage and Family Therapy

Graduate Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Undergraduate Degree:

B.A. in Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a minor in Sociology and Business

Professional Interests:

One day I would like to have my own private practice in Marriage and Family Therapy and specialize in trauma. I would want the focus of my practice to be women empowerment. Especially, treating women who have been abused, neglected, or suffer from low self-esteem.

Past-time Activities:

I love to dance! Recently, I started doing spin class and I really enjoy it because it pushes me physically and mentally. I also enjoy martial arts class, running on the treadmill, and ab work outs at the REC! Cooking, eating, spending time with friends, make up, and fashion all bring a smile to my face!

Kaeleigh Margaret Hayakawa

Kaeleigh Hayakawa

Degree Program: M.S.

Specialization: School Counseling

Graduate Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Undergraduate Degree:

B.A. in Economics, Political Science (University of California, Irvine)

Professional Interests:

Community education, mental health advocacy, supporting survivors of intimate partner violence, advocating for students of color, promoting equitable access to education.

Past-time Activities: I love going to Disneyland, playing video games, reading, spending time with my friends and family, and playing with my cat.

Undergraduate OCEAN Peer Advocates

Amanda Phou

Amanda Phou

Undergraduate Degree Program:

B.A. Psychology

& B.A. Human Development

Professional Interests:

I am passionate about volunteering, giving back to the community, and helping others. I plan to get my M.A. in School Counseling so I can become a counselor

for either secondary or higher education students. My focus is on students from diverse backgrounds so they can get the support and resources they need to become successful in school and in life. 

Past-time Activities: In my free time I enjoy reading books, watching movies, cooking/baking, volunteering, and spending time with friends and family.

Janette Iniguez

Janette Iniguez

Undergraduate Degree Program:

B.A., Psychology Major & HRM minor

Professional Interests: I am interested in pursuing my Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and pursuing a career in Training and Development. I want to be part of training employees on how to work with diverse populations in the workforce. I also want to incorporate mental health awareness workshops and sexual harassment prevention trainings.

I want to be able to create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable in their work environment and make everyone more aware of their mental health to improve job satisfaction.

Past-time Activities: I like to do yoga, paint, and go to the beach and pet puppies.


Daniel Alderete Gonzalez

Danny Alderete

Undergraduate Degree Program:

B.A., Human Development. Minors in Spanish & Queer Studies

Professional Interests: I am an aspiring Student Affairs Professional that would like to work as a community college counselor or at a four-year university. I would like to work in a career that incorporates the importance of mental health awareness in the LGBTQ+, Latinx communities, and student development in higher education. I also aspire to hopefully have my own therapy practice or work for an agency that serves queer people of color, working-class, and historically disfranchised communities. I aspire to be the change for a brighter future for all students and community members through progressive and humane frameworks in the helping fields.

Past-time Activities: Roller skating at the beach, reading, road trips, dancing, & listening to music. I also enjoy to practice mindfulness by walk slowly to my destinations when I am not in a rush and spend time with my friends/family.

Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz

Undergraduate Degree Program:

B.A Sociology, Minor: Women's Studies

Professional Interests: 

I love helping others whether it's through giving back to my community, through body positivity, or mental health awareness.

I would love to continue doing this whether it's working with women, or teenagers. I also want to

get into Marketing and be able to advocate for diversity in the Fashion Industry.

Past-time Activities: Blogging, photography, listening to music, dancing, Binge watch shows (Grey's Anatomy), and movies. 


Contact Us

  • Vacant, OCEAN Program Coordinator
  • Jennifer Miller, OCEAN Administrative Assistant

Project OCEAN Steering Committee

Project OCEAN has the support of several key departments in Student Affairs. The Steering Committee meet to discuss:

    • Policy development
    • Program Recommendations
    • Assessment of project direction
    • Identification of funding resources for ongoing stainability

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr. Mary Ann Takemoto, Associate Vice President, Student Services / Project OCEAN Principle Investigator
  • Vacant, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services / Project OCEAN Program Coordinator
  • David Sanfilippo, Director, Disabled Student Services
  • Rachelle Ang, Case Manager, Counseling and Psychological Services and Disabled Student Services
  • Vacant, Project OCEAN Coordinator
  • Jennifer Miller , Project OCEAN Administrative Assistant
  • Vacant, Project OCEAN Consultant / Licensed Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Vacant, Licensed Psychologist
  • Vacant, Project OCEAN Evaluator / Consultant