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California State University, Long Beach
Counseling and Psychological Services, CAPS
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Our Team

Alexandria Pan, AMFT, CAPS & Project OCEAN Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Miller, Project OCEAN Administrative AssistantJennifer Miller

Pronouns: She / Her / They / Them

Degree Program (In Progress): M.A.Ed., Social and Cultural Analysis of Education

Professional Interests: Student Affairs, Health & Wellness, Advocating for folks through the use of peer education programs, activities, and other resources to help improve their educational / life journey in any way possible.

Past-time Activities: Traveling, Trying new foods, YouTube, Watching movies & documentaries, Thrifting.

Graduate Peer Educators

Katherine Boeckmann

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Degree Program: M.S.
Specialization: Marriage & Family Therapy

Graduate Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Sociology

Professional Interests: Community mental health advocate, stigma fighter, disability advocate, & promoter of equitable rights & resources to all.

Hobbies & Other Interests: Planner girl, dog bandana maker , spending time with my dog Elvis (follow him on Instagram @elvisboeckmann) , meditating, organizing and cleaning for stress relief, swimming, watching ted talks, comedic stand ups.

Fun Fact: I live in sandals, if you see me in shoes it’s because they made me. Also this is my second time back with Project ocean from peer educator to graduate peer.

Nick Duran

Pronouns: They / Them / He / Him

Degree Program: M.S.
Specialization: Marriage & Family Therapy

Graduate Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Previous Graduate Degree: MFA in Dance (University of Illinois)

Undergraduate Degree: BFA in Dance (New York University)

Professional Interests: I am cultivating a holistic approach to counseling that combines my passions for mind-body practice, art, and psychotherapy.

Hobbies & Other Interests: Walking, being in nature, good coffee, and drawing.

Fun Fact: I have driven across the United States 4 times, lived in 6 cities, and performed in 8 countries.

Undergraduate Peer Educators

Autumn Lewis

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Degree Program: B.A.

Specialization: Public Relations

Professional Interests: Working for a non-profit organization that benefits marginalized communities.


Hobbies & Other Interests: Journaling, writing short stories, and Netflix binge-watching.

Fun Fact: One of the stories I wrote was published in a book of children stories when I was in the third grade.

Cristy Tran

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Degree Program: B.A.

Specialization: Psychololgy

Professional Interests: I am interested in attending graduate school for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology). As a mental health advocate, I hope to implement my experiences into my line of work. As an I/O Psychologist,I plan on applying my experiences and expertise to help improve the workplace and provide an enjoyable work experience for others. Diversity in the workplace is a big factor that I am passionate about and plan on promoting; not only does it benefit the organization, it also greatly benefits the people. Many individuals spend so much of their lives at the workplace which is why I am so intent on the opportunity to configure strategies to improve the organization. Overall,mental health, interpersonal relationships, and organizational structure is something I find very interesting!


Hobbies & Other Interests: Watching Netflix, spending time with my dog, painting, finding new food places, collecting enamel pins, discovering new, potential hobbies!

Fun Fact: I am involved in research labs from different domains of psychology!

Mlou Aquino

Pronouns: They / Them / Theirs

Degree Program: B.A.

Specialization: Psychololgy

Professional Interests: Mental health advocacy, therapy through a critical race/feminist perspective, transgender advocacy/activism, and social justice. I hope to combine my passion for art and mental health and utilize them in LGBTQ+ spaces as a future profession!

Hobbies & Other Interests: In my free time, I love making art, cooking/meal-prepping, playing video games, and making spotify playlists!

Fun Fact: My hair has been dyed almost every color of the rainbow!

Renee Te

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Degree Program: B.A.

Specialization: Psychology & Religious Studies, Minor in University Honors Program

Professional Interests: Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Advocacy.


Hobbies & Other Interests: I enjoy nature photography, watching shows such as Game of Thrones or Parks and Recreation as well as movies like Star Wars, trying new foods, getting tattoos, petting all the dogs in the world, and going to Disneyland.

Fun Fact: My favorite Disney movie is Tangled!