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California State University, Long Beach
CMS: Common Management System

FIS Team Roster

Name Team/Area E-Mail Address
Joseph Latter  Project Management Team  
Shawn McCown   Project Management Team 
Christine Welch   Project Management Team 
 Lauri Reilly   Accounts Payable Team 
 Victor Altimirano   Accounts Payable Team 
 Charlie Hughes   Purchasing Team 
 Liz Beall   Purchasing Team 
 Diana Harbort   Purchasing Team 
 Michelle Totten  Purchasing Team 
 Liz Beall   Vendor Master Team 
 Lauri Reilly  Vendor Master Team 
 Kathryn Bawden   Vendor Master Team 
 Michelle Totten  Vendor Master Team 
 Shawn McCown   General Ledger Team 
 Celia Afan   General Ledger Team 
 Kristina Randig  General Ledger Team 
 Marcy Rieg   General Ledger Team 
 Candie Sagehorn  Budget Team 
 Janet Parker  Budget Team 
 Shawn McCown   Chart Of Accounts Team 
 Maria D'Aloisio   Chart Of Accounts Team