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California State University, Long Beach
CMS: Common Management System

End User Assistance & Information

Our End User Assistance Program is comprised of carefully tailored and defined components that share a common purpose: to assist the wide variety of end users in learning to use the Common Management System (CMS) relative to their respective roles.

End User Assistance may be a hands-on classroom unit, a lecture, a document, a web page, a business process guide, an open lab, or a Help Desk resource. A variety of factors help form a component including subject matter, number of users who share common needs, learning preferences, scheduling and timing. In general, a component will focus on a specific business process or combination of processes.

Frequently used components are Business Process Guides, Hands-on courses, and Quick Reference Guides. End users are also supported by “refresher” classes, labs, specialized reviews by topic, and frequently asked questions (FAQ's) - depending on the needs and numbers of users in particular roles. Components will vary by topic delivery media.