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California State University, Long Beach
CMS: Common Management System

CMS Main Chart

Steering Committee

The CMS Steering Committee, chaired by Ron Lee and Alan Nishio, has a key role in the campus CMS Project Management Structure.


  • Outreach
  • Coordination & integration
  • Involvement
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Identify, filter, recommend policy
  • Advocate needed changes
  • Plan Budgets
  • Manage Expectations


Role Member
Delegate from faculty Wayne Dick
Delegate from staff Stafford Cox
Delegate from students Wayne Stickney-Smith
Delegates from VP Academic Affairs Dorothy Coldish, Gary Reichard, Kip Polakoff, Mike Mahoney, Richard Outwater
Delegate from VP Administration & Finance Ron Lee
Delegate from VP Student Services Alan Nishio
Delegate from University Relations & Development Oliver Bohlman
Implementation Chairs Robyn Mack, Joe Latter, Tom Enders, Rick Timboe
Project Director Janet Foster