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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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CSULB 27th Annual Student Research Competition Winners


Behavioral & Social Sciences Category #1

  • First Place: Isis Chong, "Can The Bilingual Advantage Be Found In Driving?" Faculty Mentor: Thomas Strybel
  • Second Place: Sophie Jané, "Gender Differences in Online Displays of Counterproductive Work Behaviors and Workplace Stressors" Faculty Mentor: Chris Warren
  • Honorable Mention: Nancy Ngo, "Accessing the Semantics of Japanese Numeral Classifiers" Faculty Mentor: Rebekha Abbuhl


Behavioral & Social Sciences Category #2

  • First Place: Danielle Garcia, "The Effects of Bilingualism and Age on Visual Working Memory" Faculty Mentor: Rebekha Abbuhl
  • Second Place: Michelle Tornquist, "Preferences for Humor Production and Humor Receptivity in a Romantic Partner" Faculty Mentor: Dan Chiappe
  • Honorable Mention: Menchie Caliboso, "Does Level of Understanding and Instructor Adherence Predict Perceived Stress and Cortisol Among Women Enrolled in an 8-week Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management Program?" Faculty Mentor: Guido Urizar


Biological and Agricultural Sciences Category

  • First Place: Michelle Barton, "Nest Site Selection of the Light-footed Ridgway Rail (Rallus obsoletus levipes) in Two Southern California Salt Marshes" Faculty Mentor: Christine Whitcraft
  • Second Place: Connor White, "Comparing autonomous and traditional tools in the tracking of marine animals" Faculty Mentor: Chris Lowe
  • Honorable Mention: James Horn, "The C-terminal domain of human apolipoprotein A-I mediates oligomerization and lipid binding in a novel apolipoprotein chimera" Faculty Mentor: Paul Weers

Business, Economics and Public Administration Category

  • First Place: Joe Lee, "Income Inequality and Economic Growth"
    Faculty Mentor: Alejandra Edwards
  • Second Place: Agatha Gucyski, "America Needs to Stop Dreaming: The American Dream's Influence on Ethical Corporate Conduct"
    Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Lacey

Creative Arts & Design Category

  • First place: Anastasiia Palamarchuk, " Hidden Things in Plain Sight: Female Sailors and Stowaways" Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Sittler Schrock


Education Category

  • First Place: Rosa Belerique, "Active Duty Student Success: A Proposed Framework" Faculty Mentor: Angela Locks


  • Second Place: Stephanie Butler,  "Is Quantitative Data-Driven Instruction Appropriate in Visual Arts Education?" Faculty Mentor: Carlos Silveira

Engineering & Computer Science Category

  • First Place: Darin Koblick, "Evaluation of the Modified  Picard Chebyshev Method to Common Astrodynamical Initial Value Problems and Boundary Value Problems" Faculty Mentor: Praveen Shankar
  • Second Place: Michael Balagtas and Omar Rojas, "Biofeedback Device for Evaluation and Correction of Gait Asymmetry" Faculty Mentor: I-hung Khoo
  • Honorable Mention: Kelby Sapien, "Anonymous Internet Surfing" Faculty Mentor: Mehrdad Aliasgari


Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences Category

  • First Place: Alison Tedrow, "Effect of a Cognitive Dissonance-Based  Eating Disorder Prevention Program AMong College Students" Faculty Mentor: Gail Frank
  • Second Place: Sarret Seng, "Early-life Methylphenidate Exposure Does Not Modulate Nicotine-Induced Behavioral Sensitization in Adolescent Male and Female Rats: Faculty Mentor: Arturo Zavala
  • Honorable Mention: Melodi Bowman, "Ketamine Treatment Early in Life Enhances the Rewarding Properties of Nicotine in Male and Female Adolscent Rats: Faculty Mentor: Arturo Zavala

Humanities & Letters Category

  • First Place: Christian Weede, "Some Problems with 'Knowing How:' A Response to Stanley and Williamson" Faculty Mentor: Charles Wallis
  • Second Place: Alan Gomez, "Breaking the SIlence: The Fight for Queer Identity in L'Armée Du Salut" Faculty Mentor: Aparna Nayak
  • Honorable Mention: Manuel Romero, "The Debate Over New World Neologisms in 18th Century Italy" Faculty Mentor: Clorinda Donato

Physical & Mathematical Sciences Category

  • First Place: Skylar Chuang, "The Role of Nanogold apoE Reconstituted Vehicles (NERVs) as Potential Drug Delivery Systems" Faculty Mentor: Vasanthy Narayanaswami
  • Second Place: Mikhael Semaan, "Possible Evidence of Odd-Triplet Super Conductivity in Nb-Py-SmCo Heterostructures" Faculty Mentor: Jiyeong Gu
  • Honorable Mention: Brittany Daws, "Removing Carcingogenic Nitrosamines from Water Using Advanced Oxydation Processes Faculty Mentor: Stephen Mezyk

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