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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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CSULB 27th Annual Student Research Competition Winners


Behavioral & Social Sciences Category #1

  • First Place: Melissa Begey, "Styling by Nature: Ideological Discourses of Sustainability in Fashion Design" Faculty Mentor: Barbara LeMaster
  • Second Place: Hugo Sanchez, "The Effects of a Stress Management Intervention on Pregnant Women's Relationship Quality " Faculty Mentor: Guido Urizar
  • Honorable Mention: Menchie Caliboso, "Does Understanding and Adhering to a Stress Management Program Affect Stress Outcomes? " Faculty Mentor: Guido Urizar


Behavioral & Social Sciences Category #2

  • First Place: Cassandra Gearhart, "The Influence of Sexual Assault Characteristics on Survivors' Coping Strategies Over Time " Faculty Mentor: Courtney Ahrens
  • Second Place: Garam Ann Lee, "Reading Outside the Lines: Broadening Science Research Participation through Prosocial Utility Value Connections in Science Textbooks" Faculty Mentor: Gino Galvez


Biological and Agricultural Sciences Category

  • First Place: Avery Kay Andrus, "Cellular and Proteomic Characterization of the Innate Immune Response in Wasting Bat Stars (Patiria miniata) " Faculty Mentor: Brian Livingston
  • Second Place: Thomas Mota, "Regulations of the Sexually Dimorphic Gene, Rora, in the Developing Mouse Cerebellum is Independent of Sex Steroids" Faculty Mentor: Houng-Wei Tsai
  • Honorable Mention: Jillian Sawyna, "Innate Immune Parameters Assessed in Splenic Tissue of Round Stingrays from California's Urbanized Coast" Faculty Mentor: Chris Lowe

Business, Economics and Public Administration Category

  • First Place: Saba Mojtahedi, "The Effects of California Solar Initiative Rebates on Solar Energy Adoption " Faculty Mentor: Elaine Frey
  • Second Place: Sara Alinazari, "The Effect of Lifestyle Choices on Cancer: Which One has the Strongest Influence" Faculty Mentor: Banafsheh Behzad
  • Honorable Mention: Michelle Roshanzamir, " Marketing, Millennials, and Live Events" Faculty Mentor: Ingrid Martin

Creative Arts & Design Category

  • First place: Colette Brown, "An ARt Against Dementia: Expected Outcomes of an Intervention for Healthy Older Adults" Faculty Mentor: Guido Urizar
  • Second Place: Yasmine Lindskog, "Spontaneity: Emergence Theory in Relation to Dance Improvisation " Faculty Mentor: Colleen Dunagan


Education Category

  • First Place: Dominica Scibetta, "But the Greatest of these is Love: How Staff Members Negotiate their Relationships with LGBTQ Students at Christ-Centered Institutions" Faculty Mentor: Don Haviland


  • Second Place: Benjamin Corbitt, "A Qualitative Exploration of Schools with Gay-Straight Alliances as Learning Environments for LGBTQ Students " Faculty Mentor: Kristi Hagans
  • Honorable Mention: Brandon Kawata, "An Examination of Online Group Discussion in Two Introductory Physics Classes" Faculty Mentor: Jim Kisiel

Engineering & Computer Science Category

  • First Place: Tunai Porto Marques, "Autonomous Robot for Mapping " Faculty Mentor: Fumio Hamano
  • Second Place: Quang Ly, "Quantum Mechanics Simulation of Fe - N - C" Faculty Mentor: Ted Yu
  • Honorable Mention: Sarah Shibley, "Secure Cloud Sharing: Utilizing Asymmetric Cryptography in a File-Sharing Web Application" Faculty Mentor: Mehrdad Aliasgari


Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences Category

  • First Place: Eunji Kong, "Support Providers' Helpful and unhelpful Interactions with Sexual Assault Survivors " Faculty Mentor: Courtney Ahrens
  • Second Place: Carra Johnson, "Managing Hostile Aggression: An Investigation of MOral Disengagement, Coaching Efficacy, and Responses to Athlete Aggression Among High School Coaches" Faculty Mentor: Tiffanye Vargas
  • Honorable Mention: Jennifer Ratanapratum, "Assessing the Prevalence of Dietary Supplement Use Among Collegiate Athletes" Faculty Mentor: Michelle Barrack

Humanities & Letters Category

  • First Place: Alan Gomez, "Translating the Culturally (Un)translatable: The English Translation of Houellebecq's Submission" Faculty Mentor: Clorinda Donato
  • Second Place: Alexander Beard, "Brain Reward Function and HIT: A Case of Mistaken Identity (Theory)" Faculty Mentor: Cory Wright
  • Honorable Mention: Nathan Lackey, "Congruence, Geometry and Space" Faculty Mentor: Cory Wright


Physical & Mathematical Sciences Category

  • First Place: Jessica Asbell, "Non-Radial Fluid Pulsations Modes of Neutron Stars and Strange Quark Stars" Faculty Mentor: Prashanth Jaikumar
  • Second Place: Adam White, "Fecal Stanol Biomarkers as Indicators of Population Change: A Multiregional Investigation" Faculty Mentor: Lora Stevens
  • Honorable Mention: Daniel Diaz, "Structure of Resonances in Atomic Three-Body Systems" Faculty Mentor: Zoltan Papp

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