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Cayuse Log In

Cayuse Log In

Frequently Asked Questions About Cayuse

What is Cayuse?

Cayuse is a web-based software tool for pre-award grant proposal preparation, processing, submission, and administration.

Why should CSULB use Cayuse?

Cayuse is intuitive and easy to use. It helps streamline and improve the current manual, labor-intensive Internal Clearance Form routing process at CSULB. It boosts productivity Adobe PDF Document, offering:

  • Simultaneous proposal review
  • Central proposal development
  • Tracking
  • Validating
  • Archiving
  • A central location for grant opportunities

What will Cayuse do for me?

Cayuse offers accuracy, efficiency, and speed of proposal development:

  • PIs can download funding opportunities directly from
  • Cayuse manages institutional information in one location, and applies it consistently to every proposal.
  • Cayuse checks for errors and warnings.
  • Cayuse provides electronic routing.
  • Users can view, edit, and collaborate on proposals in any stage of development.

Are we replacing NSF FastLane or with Cayuse?

No! NSF FastLane will still be used to support and submit NSF FastLane proposals only.

Proposals that are to be submitted through will be submitted through Cayuse, unless it is an unsupported Cayuse proposal application (i.e. NEH), then it will be submitted through However, the routing/clearance will be complete in Cayuse.

What is the order of approval for Internal Clearance routing?

The internal clearance routing process varies in each college. Check with your College Associate Dean for Research, ASM, or Dean to identify required signatories for internal clearance routing in your college.

In general, the PI prepares the proposal application package and initiates the internal clearance routing process in the following order:

  • PI
  • Chair
  • ASM (if required by the college)
  • Dean/Designee
  • The designated ORSP Pre-Award Specialist (PAS) who will assist you in submitting your application
  • ORSP Director of Sponsored Programs/AVP for Research
  • AVP of Administration and Finance

I’m one of the signatories in the internal clearance routing chain, how can I use Cayuse to review and approve the grant application package submitted by faculty?

As one of the signatories you will need to log into Cayuse to review the proposal application package, approve it, and submit it to the next signatory. The proposal routing for internal clearance will be automatically handled in Cayuse.

If I go on vacation can I designate someone in my absence to approve a routing?

Yes! Under the People tab, find your designee’s professional profile. Open the profile and on the bottom left click Routing Profile - click the green plus sign to add your delegates. You can leave them on always or you can remove them upon your return.