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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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Budget Preparation

Budget Requirements

  • The PI shall submit a Budget Summary Form for each new award.
  • The Budget and Budget Justification Forms shall match the sponsoring guideline budget request.
  • The Budget and Budget Justification shall mimic each other (numeric doc and word justification doc).
  • The PI’s spending projections shall be sufficiently accurate so that re-budgeting can be avoided.
  • PI's shall observe the procedures for developing budgets for Fixed Price Contracts Fixed Price Contract Policy Microsoft Word 2007 Document

Budget Templates and Justification

Changes to Budget (Note: applicable after the initial Clearance has been completed but prior to submission to the sponsoring agency & before awarded)

2nd Clearance is only required when there is a modest change that does not involve a change in the Scope of Work that is 20% more or less of the total budget.

Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A)

Federal F&A rate Agreement

University F&A Practices and Procedures

Salary Information

CSULB Requirement: PI must dedicate at least 1% or .01 months to the project budget otherwise proposal will bear voluntary committed cost sharing which is not allowed under CSULB policy unless approved by the AVP for Research.

Fringe Benefit Information

Fringe calculator

Indirect Cost on Agreements from the State of California – Effective January 1, 2016

The CSU and UC have established a base rate of 25% beginning January 1, 2016 – increasing over a 5½ year period to 40% of the Modified Total Direct Costs (as defined in our federally-negotiated rate agreements) for the recovery of facilities and administrative (F&A) costs for State of California funded agreements. However, if a campus is a subrecipient of federal funds and the State agency is a pass-through entity, as defined in 2 CFR 200.93 and 2 CFR 200.74, respectively, then the campus should budget and receive their federally negotiated rate for the project as specified by 2 CFR 200.331(a)(4). If the federal program has a capped F&A rate in compliance with 2 CFR 200, then the campus may accept the capped rate in compliance with their own campus policies.

In the first 2½ years, the base rate has a core component of 25% of the MTDC for administrative costs and no facilities cost. Beginning on July 1, 2018 through July 1, 2020, facilities costs will be added in increments of 5% until the F&A rate reaches 40% MTDC for on-campus projects. Projects that are performed off-campus will only use the 25% MTDC rate for administrative costs. The administrative component of the rate will not escalate. 

Rate Schedule for F&A Recovery for State of California Agreements



Total Rate


Effective Date




MTDC (F&A Rate Agreement)

January 1, 2016




MTDC (F&A Rate Agreement)

July 1, 2018




MTDC (F&A Rate Agreement)

July 1, 2019




MTDC (F&A Rate Agreement)

July 1, 2020

The rate in effect for the first year of a multi-year project will be the rate used for the entire project period in proposed and awarded budgets. If additional funds (not previously appropriated or budgeted) are awarded by a State agency; the proposed budget for these additional funds would use the rate in effect at the time the new budget request is submitted.

Acceptance of a rate lower than 25% requires system office approval. The Chancellor’s Office SPO will coordinate with the UCOP Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC) office on any IDC rates accepted at lower than 25% to ensure that both systems are in agreement when or if a lower rate would be appropriate.