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List of Awardees Receiving 2018 Mini-Grants and Summer Stipends

List of Awardees Receiving 2018 Mini-Grants and Summer Stipends
Award Type   ↕ Awardee (PI)   ↕ Proposal Title   ↕ College/Unit   ↕ Department   ↕
Mini-Grant Mitra Baghdadi CSULB Department of Anthropology and City of Long Beach Homeless Services Outreach Team Collaborative Research Project CLA Anthropology
Mini-Grant Paul Laris  Can UAVs (Drones) Map Vegetation Alliances in Southern California? CLA Geography
Mini-Grant  Yuan Yu Lee Proteome Analysis of Androgenic Regulated, Sexually Dimorphic Proteins in the Developing Mouse Hypothalamus CNSM IIRMES-Institute for Integrated Research in Materials, Environments & Society
Mini-Grant Jason Schwans  Evaluating Fmoc-amino acid esters, amides and cholinyl-containing analogs as selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors CNSM Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mini-Grant Tariq Shehab  Prioritization Framework for Road Rehabilitation Projects COE Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management
Mini-Grant Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh  Fabrication of Metal Matrix Composite by 3D Printing COE Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Summer Stipend Michael Ahland An Analysis of Tübatulabal Narrative Discourse and Grammatical Evolution CLA Linguistics
Summer Stipend Pitiporn Asvapathanagul  Existing Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products combined with Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Wastewater, Reclaimed Water and Groundwater associated with their Removal through an Adsorption Process COE Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management
Summer Stipend George Beneck  Discriminative and reliability assessment of multifidus muscle cross-sectional area measurements from MR images of persons with and without low back pain in untrained examiners: a new clinical measure CHHS Physical Therapy
Summer Stipend Renaud Berlemont R Community CNSM Biological Sciences
Summer Stipend Donna Binkiewicz  History of Maui Portuguese Community CLA History
Summer Stipend Melissa Bittner  Measuring Physical Activity Levels During Instructional Settings for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder CHHS Kinesiology
Summer Stipend Abby Bradecich Experiences of Parenthood Among College Students Division of Student Affairs Counseling and Psychology Services
Summer Stipend Michael Chavez The Precarious Position of Contingent Faculty CLA Sociology
Summer Stipend Stephen Cooper American Martyrs, Revision CLA English
Summer Stipend Alison Ede  An analysis of marketing messages in exercise CHHS Kinesiology
Summer Stipend Lesley Farmer  Predicting and Optimizing Retention and Graduation of Students with Disabilities CED Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling
Summer Stipend Rob Frear  Recording and Presenting 21st Century Music for Trumpet and Piano COTA Music
Summer Stipend Qingbin Gao  Optimization of Parallel Milling by Using Multiple Non-Uniform Pitch Cutters COE Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Summer Stipend Barbara Grossman-Thompson Out of the house: Gender, labor and modernity in Nepal CLA International Studies
Summer Stipend Richard Haesly  Broadening and Deepening "Changing American Nationalism in Challenging Times" CLA Political Science
Summer Stipend Stanley Jones  The Orphic Cosmo-Theogony in the Pseudo-Clementines CLA Religious Studies
Summer Stipend Vennila Krishnan Effects of Auditory Feedback using Walk-Even in Individuals after Chronic Stroke: a randomized trial CHHS Physical Therapy
Summer Stipend Feike Leij  Modeling the Transport and Retention of  Polydispersed Colloidal Suspensions in Porous Media COE Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management
Summer Stipend Melissa Maceyko  The Everyday Linguistic Practices of Functional Democracy CLA Anthropology
Summer Stipend Mihir Pandya  Secrecy by Design: The Role of Trust on Classified Military-Industrial Projects CLA Anthropology
Summer Stipend Mariah Proctor-Tiffany  Doris Duke: Creating an Islamic Art Collection COTA Art
Summer Stipend Brittany Ransom  2019 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery COTA Art
Summer Stipend Sue Robinson The Walking Fools studio project COTA Art
Summer Stipend Steven Rousso-Schindler Podcasting as an Innovation in the Production of Anthropological Knowledge: A Multivocal Representation of The Israeli Security Fence/Apartheid Wall CLA Anthropology
Summer Stipend Sachiko Sakai Archaeological excavation in Mt. Trumbull area, Arizona CLA Anthropology
Summer Stipend Theodore Stankowich The effects of antipredator defenses on perceived predation risk and foraging behavior. CNSM Biological Sciences
Summer Stipend Dale C. Tatum Smashing the Dream: The Civil Rights Decisions of the Rehnquist/Roberts Court CLA Africana Studies
Summer Stipend Hadi Tavassol Materials Science and Fundamentals of Electrochemical Water Splitting CNSM Chem & Biochem
Summer Stipend Hsiang-Ling (Sharon) Teng Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Trunk Modification Program on Running Biomechanics in Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Runners CHHS Physical Therapy
Summer Stipend Amy Wax Chivalry Isn’t Dead (But It Should Be): The Impact of Benevolent Sexism on Work Team Performance CLA Psychology
Summer Stipend Hugh Wilford Covert Empire: The CIA and the United States in the World CLA History
Summer Stipend Wenqing Xu Random cyclic polygons and approximations of pi CNSM Mathematics & Statistics

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