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California State University, Long Beach
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ORSP Recognizes Faculty Receiving External Funding in Support of Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs recognizes faculty who received external funding over the last six months from April 1, 2017, to September 30, 2017.
PI First Name   ↕ PI Last Name   ↕ College/Division   ↕ Project Title   ↕ Sponsor   ↕
Chris Anthony COTA Cal Repertory Company Arts Council of Long Beach
Pitiporn Asvapathanagul COE Minimizing Biofilm Formation on Aeration Diffusers using Drip-Flow Reactors CSU Chancellor's Office
Ehsan Barjasteh COE Evaluation of High-Temperature Polyimide for Composite Applications Kaneka American Holdings
Ehsan Barjasteh COE Laboratory for Structural Health Monitoring and Non-destructive Composite Testing DENSO NORTH AMERICA FOUNDATION
Matthew Becker CNSM Groundwater Investigation CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services via CA High Speed Rail Authority
Matthew Becker CNSM Use of Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Measuring Hydraulic Connectivity in Geothermal Applications Geo Mechanics Technologies via USDOEnergy
Richard Behl CNSM Emergency Rescue, Digitization and Dissemination of the Peter Fischer Marine Geophysical Data Collection Council on Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology
Andreas Bill CNSM APS Bridge Physics Program American Physical Society via NSF
Mara Bird CHHS Evaluation - Building Stronger Families–Lancaster  Antelope Valley Partners for Health
Mara Bird CHHS Evaluation - Comprando Rico Y Sano Program National Council of La Raza
Mara Bird CHHS FASTER: Faster Treatment through Early Recognition Sanford University via Genentech
Mara Bird CHHS Long Beach Collaborative to Prevent Latino Childhood Obesity Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
Jayne Bormann CNSM Investigating Recent Deformation along the Southern San Pedro Basin Fault to Assess Evidence for Connectivity Between the San Pedro Basin and San Diego Trough Faulty Systems US Geological Survey
Charity Bowles Student Services Trio Upward Bound I US Department of Education
Chris Brazier CNSM Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry Research Forums Alergan Foundation
Judy Ann  Brusslan CNSM Epigenetic Marks and Leaf Aging in Arabidopsis National Institute of Health
Paul  Buonora & Judy Brusslan CNSM Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement National Institute of Health
Shailesh Chandra COE Alternative Transportation Finance California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Shailesh Chandra COE Evaluating Economic Mobility and Resilience of Multimodal Freight Operations in a Connected Vehicle Environment METRANS-University of Southern California-US Department of Transportation
Shailesh Chandra COE Investigating Impact of Crowdsourcing on Smart Multimodal Freight Mobility Applications METRANS-University of Southern California
Anastasios Chassialos COE Dynamic Scheduling of Chassis Movements with Chassis Processing Facilities in the Loop METRANS-University of Southern California
Natalie Cheffer CHHS White Coat Ceremony for Nursing AACN - Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Joshua Chesler CNSM Mathematical Reasoning With Connections US Dept of Education-CSU San Bernardino
Evelyn Daliwan Student Services Long Beach Cal SOAP Consortium California Student Aid Commission
Laura D'Anna CHHS Asian Pacific Islander Implementation Pilot Project Evaluation Cambodian Association of America
Laura D'Anna CHHS Building Healthy Communities, Long Beach Learning and Evaluation Community Partners via CA Endowment
Laura D'Anna CHHS CalGRIP 7 Evaluation City of Long Beeach
Laura D'Anna CHHS PPOWER US Department of Health & Human Services, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
Laura D'Anna CHHS Truancy Prevention Project Evaluation City of Long Beach
Morteza Ebneshahrashoob CNSM Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation National Science Foundation-CSU Chancellor's Office
Burkhard Englert COE Computer Software Design Services for the Pipeline Inspection Pilot Study Long Beach Water Department
Loretta Enriquez Student Services Educational Talent Search US Department of Education
Loretta Enriquez Student Services Educational Talent Search - South Bay US Department of Education
Frank Fata CLA Language Training Center Department of Defense-Institute of International Education
Scott Flexo CBA Harvey Milk Park Outdoor Office Survey City of Long Beach
Deborah Ann Fraser CNSM Transcriptomic Analysis of Lesional Macrophages from Hypercholesterolemic Mice American Heart Association
Melhawi Garcia-Vega CHHS Building Stronger Families Palmdale Evaluation Antelope Valley Health Partners via First Five Palmdale
Editte Gharakhanian CNSM Env7 as a Conserved Member of a Novel Kinase Cascade Regulating Membrane Fusion National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Joy Goebel CHHS Increase Awareness and Use of Palliative Care in the Latino Community CSU Institute for Palliative Care via Unihealth
Forouzan Golshani COE Scholarship Support California Community Foundation
Forouzan Golshani COE CSULB Rocket Lab-SHINE National College Resource Foundation
Forouzan Golshani COE Marine Construction Laboratory Port of Long Beach
Forouzan Golshani COE Airplane Seat Conversion & CFD of Confined Jets in Crossflow Air Force Research Laboratory 
Richard Gossett CNSM IIRMES Laboratory Analysis CA State Water Resources Control Board
May Ling Halim CLA The Meaning & Impact of Social Categories in Diverse US Contexts National Science Foundation
Michael Harris CNSM Characterizing A Raphe Chemosensory Amplifier Network National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Don Haviland CED The Evaluation of a Model Spatial Thinking Curriculum for Building Computational Skills in Elementary Grades K-5 University of Redlands-National Science Foundation
Rita Hayes Student Services Division of Boating and Waterways Aquatic Center Grant California Parks & Recreation Department
Lauren Heidbrink CLA Deportation and Social Reintegration of Unaccompanied Migrant Youth in Guatemala National Science Foundation
Amber Hikes Student Services Trio Upward Bound II US Department of Education
Jin Gi Hong COE A Novel Approach for Water and Chemical Recoveries from Reject Streams CSU Chancellor's Office
Lucy Huckabay CHHS Song Brown Family Nurse Practitioner Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Darren Johnson CNSM Evaluating Genetic Responses to Fishery Selection in two Southern California Fish California State Coastal Conservancy
Jinwon Kim CLA Measuring Congestion Costs of Car Commuters and their Determinants: A Counterfactual Approach METRANS-University Southern California
Mimi Kim CHHS Strengthening Social Network Responses to Domestic Violence TORCH
Dennis Lopez CLA Helena Maria Viramontes Annual Lecture in Latina/o Literature California Humanities
Chris Lowe CNSM Juvenile White Shark Tagging Rapid Response Team Monterey Bay Aquarium
Chris Lowe CNSM Physiological and Behavioral Effects of Catch and Release Stress on Marine Basses University of Southern California-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Leilani Madrigal CHHS Identifying How Mental Toughness is Developed and Fostered on Athletic Teams: Perspectives from Coaches Association for Applied Sports Psychology
Aili Malm CHHS Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program Board of State and Community Corrections
Aili Malm CHHS Illicit Trade of Tobacco on the Dark Web PMI-Impact
Tracy Maples COE Mathematics Engineering Science Acheivement Schools Program University of California, Office of the President
Richard Marcus CLA California International Studies Project at Long Beach University of California, Office of the President-California Subject Matter Project
Richard Marcus CLA Peace Corps Recruitment Officer Peace Corps
Ron Mark CHHS Executive Development Course Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Ron Mark CHHS Academy Instructor Certification Course Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Ron Mark CHHS Principled Policing: Procedural Justice and Implicit Bias Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Ron Mark CHHS Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute Presentations Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Wade Martin CLA Entrepreneurship Workshop The Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Corinne Martinez CED CSULB Long-Term Institutionalization of CSU Educator Reforms Supporting Linked Learning Chancellor's Office-James Irvine Foundation
Kimberli Meyer COTA David Lamelas Exhibition - Terra Funding The Getty Foundation
Kimberli Meyer COTA Lauren Woods Exhibition Mike Kelley Foundation of the Arts
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS Bachelor of Social Work Education & Stipend Program UC Berkeley-CALSWEC
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS Child Welfare Resource Library UC Berkeley-CALSWEC
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS Distant Education Program UC Berkeley-CALSWEC
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS Master of Social Work Education Stipend Program UC Berkeley-CALSWEC
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS Master of Social Work Educational Stipend Program Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development-UC Berkeley
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS National Homlessness Social Work Initiative University of Texas at Austin
Nancy Meyer-Adams CHHS University Consortium on Children & Families Training Program The Regents of University of California - Los Angeles Campus
Mohammad Mozumdar COE Smart Sensing System for Real-time Automatic Traffic Analysis of Highway Rest Areas METRANS-University of Southern California
Mohammed Mozumdar COE Fine Grained Automatic Vehicle Classification System Development for Accurately Measuring Passenger-freight Interactions METRANS-University of Southern California-US Department of Transportation
Vasanthy Narayanaswami CNSM Maximizing Access to Research Careers, Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Masoud Nazari COE Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Sensing in University Building Energy Management: Design Optimization and Technology Demonstration California Energy Commission
Thomas O' Brien CCPE Freight Program Assessment Initiative California Department of Transportation-University of Southern California-US Department of Transportation
Thomas O' Brien CCPE University Transportation Center METRANS-University of Southern California-US Department of Transportation
Julie O' Donnell CHHS Full Service Community Schools Program YMCA
Thomas O'Brien CCPE Regional Surface Transportation Workforce Centers - Southwest Region US Department of Transporation-Federal Highway Administration
Tom O'Brien CCPE Metrofreight : The Local/Global Challenge of Urban Freight University of Southern California-Volvo Research & Educational Foundation
Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal CNSM Experimental Study of Novel Relativistic Mott Insulators in the Two-Dimensional Limit US Department of Energy
Shireen Pavri CED Hispanic-Serving Institutions Caminos Project US Department of Education
Manuel Perez CHHS JusticeCorps Partnership with CSULB Research Foundation Los Angeles Superior Court
Saba Reda COE Artesia High School Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement ABC Unified School District
Shadi Saadeh COE Caltrans Joint Training and Certification Program California Department of Transportation
Jeanette Schelin UR&D Courtyard Improvement Project Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation
Michael Schramm CNSM RUI: Reactivity of Bis-Au Resorcinarene Supramolecular Catalysts National Science Foundation
Jason Schwans CNSM Systematic Investigation of the Structure, Dynamics, and Energetics of Hydrogen Bonds and the Protein Interior Using Ketosteroid Isomerase and Model Systemsrase as a case study National Science Foundation-Stanford University
Michelle Scott Student Affairs Educational Opportunity Center US Department of Education
Young-Seok Shon CNSM Metalloenzyme Mimics with Unsupported Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts National Institute of Health
Lisa Star COE Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Effects on Cyclic Failure Potential of Silts and Clays UC Los Angeles-National Science Foundation
Hui Sun CNSM Instabilities, Patterns, and Interface Problems in Biological Systems Simons Foundation
Enrico Tapavicza CNSM Ab initio modelling of vitamin D photochemistry in biological membranes National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Dean Toji CLA Solar Enterprise Building Healthy Communities Long Beach
Rafael Topete Students Affairs Los Angeles County-Internship Program Los Angeles County Office of Education
Rafael Topete Student Services TRIO STEM Student Support US Department of Education
Rafael Topete Student Services TRIO Student Support Services Classic US Department of Education
Rafael Topete Student Services TRIO Student Support Services Disability US Department of Education
Rafael Topete Student Services TRIO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program US Department of Education
Brian Trimble COTA Arts Education Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation
Brian Trimble COTA Creative Long Beach Arts Internship Program The Arts Council of Long Beach
Brian Trimble COTA Multicultural Undergraduate Intern The Getty Foundation
Kim Vu CLA California Open Education Initiative: COOL4ED CSU Chancellor's Office-William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Kim Vu CLA Single Pilot Understanding through Distributed Simulation Rockwell Collins

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