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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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Discretionary ORSP/AA Research Funding Awards

ORSP/AA Faculty Stipend Research Incentive Awards

Principal Investigators College Title of Proposal
Bengt J. AllenCNSM/Biological SciencesRUI Collaborative Research: Climate change on rocky shores: how stressed individuals will survive in an increasingly variable world
Bob MinaieCOE/Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringGlass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites with Damage-Sensing Capability
Chin ChangCOE/Electrical EngineeringInvestigation of machine learning for countermeasure of radioactive material smuggling
Carl LipoCLA/AnthropologyRisk, Resilience, and Resources of Prehistoric Rapa Nui Communities
Christopher LeeCLA/Geography
Matt BeckerCNSM/Geological Sciences
Hojin MoonCNSM/Mathematics and StatisticsRobust Statistical Inference in Toxicology and Risk Assessment
Houng-Wei TsaiCNSM/Biological SciencesSplicing Regulation in Brain Sexual Differentiation
Hen-Geul YehCOE/Electrical EngineeringAdaptive Control of Grid-to-Vehicles for Minimizing Impact on Electric Grid
Jason P. SchwansCNSM/Chemistry and BiochemistryInvestigating general base catalysis in triose phosphate isomerase using unnatural amino acids
Kevin SinchakCNSM/Biological SciencesEstradiol and progesterone regulation of opioid reproductive behavior circuits
Linna LiCLA/GeographyAutomatic conflation of traditional and crowd-sourced geographic data
Michael P. SchrammCNSM/Chemistry and BiochemistryConversion of simple dienes into chiral building blocks utilizing a novel approach to multiplying catalytic output
Mahdi YoozbashizadehCOE/Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts for Titanium and Steel based on Selective Inhibition from Sintering process
Paul D. ScottonCLA/Classical Archaeology and ClassicsThe Harbor and Settlement of Lechaion, Greece
Shadnaz AsgariCOE/Computer Engineering and Computer ScienceNon-invasive and Continuous Detection of Cerebrovascular Changes
Shahab DerakhshanCNSM/Chemistry and BiochemistryNovel Heavy Element Transition Metal Oxides; Low Dimensional Magnetism vs. Geometric Magnetic Frustration
William StraitsCNSM/Science EducationA New Head Start on Science (NHSOS): The Next Generation of “Sense of Wonder” Science for Preschool Learners and their Teachers.
Yohannes AbateCNSM/Physics & AstronomyTopological Insulator Plasmons: Near-field Nanoscale Real-space Imaging, Spectroscopy and Interactions


ORSP/AA Multidisciplinary Research Awards

Awards are selected for funding based upon their level of interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, student involvement, and overall merit.

Principal Investigators Co-Principal Investigators College Title of Proposal
Shahab DerakhshanYohannes Abate/ Young-Seok ShonCNSMTopological Insulator Plasmons: Material Synthesis and Nanoscale Near-field Spectroscopy
Mohammad MozumdarBabette M. BenkenCOE, CNSMEpicMDC: An Epistemic Game Based Approach to Investigate Innovative Model Development Capacity For 21st Century Engineers
Kristina Lopez Lei SunCHHSA Collaborative Parent Training Model For Caregivers of Toddlers with Developmental Delays
Robert SchugJennifer OstergrenCHHS"Brain function in those at risk for mental illness, crime, and brain injury: EEG and neuropsychological measures in the homeless
Praveen Shankar Christopher G. LoweCOE, CNSMDevelopment of a Low Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Estuarine Research


We would also like to express our gratitude to the URAC review panel for its reviews and recommendations for these two awards.

View the 2013 Discretionary Award recipients.

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