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September 5, 2012


Get to Know the New Tenure Track Faculty

Learn more about the 26 new tenure track faculty who have joined the CSULB community this year.


President’s Convocation Remarks Available Online

President Alexander’s State of the University address, delivered at Convocation, is available online.


New Residential Learning Colleges

This year CSULB has created a new Residential College system, like that used at Oxford, Cambridge and UC San Diego, further linking students to additional college and university-based opportunities. Student residents are members of either Beachside College, Hillside College or Parkside College and have many new governing, athletic, academic, programmatic and public service opportunities.


Reminder: New Curriculum Process Guidelines

In a time of diminished resources, deans and senior staff engaged in a substantial discussion of the necessity to streamline curriculum and reduce the workload associated with the large amount of curricular development and revision routinely generated by CSULB faculty. This resulted in new guidelines, which are available online. Vice Provost Cecile Lindsay and Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies Lynn Mahoney are available to meet with curriculum committees, faculty councils and department chairs to discuss the new guidelines.


Commemorating Constitution Day

The Center for First Amendment Studies and the Department of Political Science will once again host the campus celebration of Constitution Day. The program will run from 4 - 5 pm on September 17 in the Anatol Center (AS-119).

Dr. Craig Smith, the Center's Director, and Dr. Kevin Johnson, the Center's Research Director, will assess the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling on the ‘Citizens United’ case on the presidential election. The Citizens United case gave corporations the green light to spend unlimited amounts in political campaigns.


Did You Know?

Anthropology lecturer Thomas Douglas was ranked No. 15 in the nation on the 2011-12 Highest Rated University Professors list released by on August 29.

“Obviously it’s a terrific expression of support from our students,” Douglas said. “I think that Cal State Long Beach has many wonderful professors, and I’m a product of those professors myself. I’m proud to be a representative of what Cal State Long Beach stands for.”


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