“Resolution to Urge Due Diligence in Suspensions of Graduate Admissions and Revisions of the Discontinuance Policy”

Whereas,           The mission of California State University includes “offer[ing] undergraduate and graduate instruction leading to bachelor's and higher degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, the applied fields, and the professions” and “prepar[ing] students for an international, multi-cultural society”; and


Whereas,           The mission of California State University, Long Beach specifically acknowledges that we are “a diverse, student-centered, globally-engaged public university” and includes “providing highly-valued undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities”; and


Whereas,           The Academic Senate recognizes the difficult and trying times facing our University; and understands that all of us—administrators, faculty, staff, and students alike—have great concerns about our ability to provide quality education for our students and maintain stable professional opportunities for our faculty; and that we, its members, are collectively aware that difficult decisions must be made this year and next, as budgets tighten and as financial constraints increase; and


Whereas,           Complete trust is necessary on all sides for cooperative decision-making to be effective; and


Whereas,           In late April 2012 graduate admissions to the Department of Asian and Asian-American Studies were suspended in mid-stream, after admission letters had been sent, causing anxiety not only to members of the Asian and Asian American Graduate Student Association and departmental faculty, but also to other departments with graduate programs; and


Whereas,           The Department had recruited and admitted students from the People’s Republic of China, the action caused a loss of face and damage to the reputation of the Department and University such that representations had to be made to their Consulate; and


Whereas,           It is unclear whether (a) the University had fully consulted with the relevant faculty, (b) is fully aware of the decision’s strategic implications, and (c) had used current and complete data in its decision-making; and


Whereas,           The College of Liberal Arts Faculty Council sent on to the Academic Senate an Emergency Resolution numbered 12-01 and dated May 9, 2012 urgently seeking action about this matter: “Having heard that prospective graduate students in [a] CLA graduate program have had admission offers rescinded without [full and timely] consultation of relevant department and college leadership, the CLA Faculty Council resolves and recommends that all actions related to the potential suspension of admissions to graduate programs be conducted with transparency and according to university policy and faculty shared governance”; and now, therefore, be it


Resolved,          That decisions on limiting or eliminating graduate programs in the College be in compliance with AS Policy 11-05, “Discontinuance of Academic Programs,” and with full and timely disclosure to all parties involved, including graduate students, graduate faculty, department administrators, and deans—and that this be understood as the meaning of the phrase in line 30 of AS Policy 11-05, “as far as possible”; be it further


Resolved,          That the Academic Senate charge the CEPC to draft amendments to AS Policy 11-05, “Discontinuance of Programs,” that address the issues of (a) what specific considerations come into play for suspension of admissions, (b) minimum notice time to a department about admissions’ suspension, (c) a date after which decisions concerning suspension of admissions would rollover to the following academic year, and (d) a time limit of one year to such suspensions if no term is specified by the administrative action; be it further


Resolved,          That this task be undertaken with all due diligence so that amendments may be brought to the floor of the Academic Senate well-in-advance of the spring 2013 admissions process for fall 2013; be it further


Resolved,          That all decisions related to the potential suspension of admissions to graduate programs not only be conducted according to University policy, but also (a) be transparent, and (b) exercise the mechanisms of faculty governance at departmental, College, and University levels; be it further


Resolved,          That copies of this resolution be distributed to Provost Para, all deans, and to the chairs of all departments.



Submitted by


/s/ David T. Stewart 9/12/12                                                                             /s/ Alexandra Jaffe 9-13-12

David Tabb Stewart                                                                                                                 Alexandra Jaffe

Academic Senator                                                                                                                Academic Senator

Chair, CLA faculty Council                                                                  Vice-chair, CLA Faculty Council


The above resolution was passed by the CLA Faculty Council as CLA FC Resolution 12-02 on Sept. 12, 2012.



/s/ Eileen Klink 9/12/12

Academic Senator