Resolution on Mandatory Early Start Programs


WHEREAS The Academic Senate of the California State University, Long Beach (ASCSULB) recognizes and values the local distinctiveness of individual campuses and the diversity of their student populations.  The ASCSULB therefore affirms the necessity of different campus approaches to moving fully-qualified freshmen who require additional skill acquisition in English or mathematics to achieve proficiency either prior to, or during, their first year of enrollment; be it


RESOLVED The ASCSULB endorses and supports the commitments articulated in the resolutions regarding Early Start Programs passed by the Academic Senate of the CSU (cf. AS-2895-09/APEP/AA: “Opposition to Impending Implementation Mandatory Early Start Programs” and AS- 2926-09/AA/APEP “Recommendations Regarding the

Implementation of Mandatory Early Start Programs”), and endorses similar resolutions already passed by other campuses such as Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco,

Sacramento, Sonoma, and Humboldt; and be it further


RESOLVED That the ASCSULB opposes the implementation of “early start” programs as a pre-condition for enrollment at the CSULB campus, particularly considering the lack of evidence and longitudinal data showing the effectiveness of “early start” programs and considering the already existing, successful models of proficiency attainment at CSULB and other campuses; and be it further


RESOLVED That the ASCSULB, steadfast in its belief that the faculty are responsible for developing, delivering, and assessing curriculum, urges that CSU faculty be fully engaged in the planning, teaching, and evaluating of any “early start” pilot programs; and be it further


RESOLVED That the success of the pilot programs themselves be assessed over time to determine their effects upon such factors as retention rates and progress toward degree before the CSU considers mandating adoption of any “early-start” models system-wide; and be it further


RESOLVED That the ASCSULB distribute this resolution to the CSU Board of Trustees; the Office of the Chancellor; and the Chair of the Academic Senate of the CSU.