California State University, Long Beach                                                                                                                                       Policy Statement


October 17, 1989


Instruction in the Mission, History, and Structure of American Universities as a Condition for Graduation (University 100)

79-15 Amended

This policy, approved in 1979, was amended on April 30, 1984 and again on October 5, 1989. The President concurred with the second amendment on October 17, 1989.

To qualify for graduation, all undergraduate students who enter with fewer than 56 transferable semester units shall complete a one-unit course which includes instruction on the following topics: (a) history, missions, and structures of American universities; (b) use of the University Library; and (c) career planning. This course shall be completed during the first or second semester in which a student enrolls for more than sic units of coursework.

Periodic review of this course will be the responsibility of the Planning and Educational Policies Council. The Council will conduct its initial review of the course during the 1984-85 academic year.

EFFECTIVE: Immediately