California State University, Long Beach                                                                                                                                     

Policy Statement

AS (FA) 73-23

May 18, 1973

Supersedes AS (FA) 71-12


Degree, Option for a Degree, Certificate Program, Credential, or Minor in the Academic Master Plan



Prior to the listing of a degree, option within a degree, certificate program, credential, or minor in the academic master plan for the University, the proposal for such a program, with supporting justifications and cost estimates, including a five-year financial forecast, must be submitted to the Financial Affairs Council for review as a part of the academic master plan.



Approved by the Financial Affairs Council 2/13/73, Minutes Approved 3/13/73.

Distributed to the Academic Senate 4/6/73 and 4/27/73.

Deemed Approved by the Academic Senate 4/27/73.

Approved by the President of the University 5/15/73.