California State University, Long Beach                                                  Policy Statement


                                                                                                                  November 22, 2005


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology (code ET__BS16)

This new program was recommended by the Academic Senate on December 9, 2004,
approved by the President on January 3, 2005,
and approved by the Chancellor's Office on November 7, 2005.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology (code ET__BS16) (138 units)

Faculty Advisor - R-T “Ray” Wang (Electrical Engineering)

EE Department Office - VEC 512

Faculty Advisor’s Office - ET 110

Faculty Advisor’s Telephone - (562) 985-1695

The primary objective of the Computer Engineering Technology program, accredited by TAC of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc., 111 Market Place, Suite #1050, Baltimore, MD 21202, phone: 410-347-7710, website:, is to prepare graduates to pursue careers related to manufacturing, integration, and support of computer systems. Emphasis is placed on specific job skills required of entry level professionals in computer industry, including systems analysis and design, data administration, networking, data communications, data acquisition, oral and written communication, and management principles. The Computer Engineering Technology program is available to students interested in the manufacturing of computers and the applications and operations aspects of computer hardware and software. The program is designed to meet ABET criteria for accredited programs in engineering technology. The graduates of this program should find employment in industry and organizations where a combination of practical hardware and software background is important.


Lower Division: CHEM 111A; MATH 120; ENGR 203, 203L, PHYS 100 A&B; ET 101, 170, 202, 202L, 204, 205, 205L, 250, 250L, 252, 252L, 255, 255L, 260, 260L, 286, 286L.

Upper Division: ET 309, 311, 360, 360L, 386, 386L, 387, 387L, 388, 388L, 410, 442, 442L, 486, 486L, 487, 487L, 488, 488L, 489, 489L, 492, 492L, 494, 494L, 497, 497L.

Select at least 3 units from the following, in consultation with an advisor: ET 301, 301L, 409E, 491, 491L.

Fieldwork Requirements

Fieldwork experience is required for the BS in Computer Engineering Technology, consisting of no less than three months full-time (40 hours/week) (or equivalent part-time) of employment in an approved industry or governmental agency. The student must hold a position equivalent to a technician or higher which affords the opportunity to exercise responsibility usually given to those who have completed two years of college. The fieldwork must be completed prior to graduation, be certified and approved by the faculty of the Department.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2005

Code:  ET__BS16

College:  52

Career:  UG

IPEDS (Major) ERSS:  09259

IPEDS (Degree) ERSD:  09259