California State University, Long Beach                       Policy Statement


                                                                                                          July 7, 2005


Policy on Graduate Studies 700

(Revision of University Policy Statement 75-25)

This policy revision was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 17, 2005 and approved by the President on June 10, 2005.

Every semester, graduate students must be registered in a course or in GS 700 or must have an approved educational leave. Registration in GS 700 is restricted to graduate students who have completed all course work, have been advanced to candidacy, and have departmental approval. Registration in a course or in GS 700 also is required in winter or summer session if that is when a student plans to graduate. Although no unit credit is added to the student’s program or transcript, GS 700 is considered as one unit of concurrent enrollment credit for fee payment purposes, payable at University College and Extension Services. Application forms are available from and must be approved by department graduate advisors. Registration in GS 700 is CR/NC only.


EFFECTIVE: Fall 2005