California State University, Long Beach                                                                     

Policy Statement
                                                                                                                                         June 11, 2002



This new policy was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 2, 2002 and approved by the President on June 4, 2002.

The purpose of office hours is to provide opportunities for student-faculty interaction outside the classroom, so it is important for the office hours of a faculty member to be predictable. Each instructional faculty member is expected to hold one office hour for every class taught, up to a maximum of four hours.Faculty who are expected to hold 4 office hours a week may account for
up to one hour of this expectation through alternative forms of access such as availability by appointment or through e-mail. Faculty members are responsible for notifying their department office of their scheduled office hours during the first week of instruction each semester.

The office hours should be spread over the week and at times students might reasonably expect to find the faculty member. The faculty member's office hours, phone number, and email contact must be posted by the door and announced in the syllabus. Exceptions to this policy statement must be approved by the Dean of the College in question.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2002