California State University, Long Beach Policy Statement


October 15, 1999


This policy was recommended by the Senate on September 23, 1999
and approved by the President on October 5, 1999.


The availability and amount of Service Salary Step Increases (SSIs) are negotiated annually by the CSU and the CFA. SSIs are limited, following initial appointment or the most recent promotion, to: (a) four steps on the salary schedule in effect prior to the 1995-1998 Collective Bargaining Agreement; (b) eight SSIs under the salary schedule(s) in effect under the 1998-2001 Collective Bargaining Agreement; or (c) a combination of both (a) and (b) above which does not exceed a total of eight (8) SSIs on the salary schedule. (31.36)


Funds for award of Service Salary Step Increases shall come from the campus's merit pool funds, and shall be distributed prior to the determination of allocations for the Faculty Merit Increase program.


  • 1. The criterion to be used when evaluating employees for the award of a Service Salary Step Increase shall be whether the faculty unit employee has demonstrated satisfactory performance commensurate with rank, work assignment, and years of service. (31.44)
  • 2. Evaluation of a faculty unit employee's performance for purposes of determining whether or not to award a SSI shall be based on consideration of the faculty unit employee's Faculty Activity Report (FAR) for the applicable time period.*
  • * A complete and properly formatted California State University Faculty Activity Report is required of all faculty members. The FAR must be submitted to the department chair by October 1 of each year.
  • 3. Faculty unit members eligible for SSIs shall be reviewed by the department chair, who shall forward a recommendation to the Dean by October 7. The Dean shall either grant or deny the SSI by October 11. Eligible faculty unit members shall be notified of this decision by October 15.


  • 1. A faculty member may appeal the decision to deny a Service Salary Step Increase to the President no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the decision by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The appeals shall be heard by a committee of five (5) faculty members chosen by lot from the Faculty Merit Increase appeals panel. Faculty unit employees who are appealing Service Salary Step Increase decisions shall not serve on the committee during that year. The committee will hear all such appeals of the Deans' decisions that year individually. The university and the faculty unit employee (and/or his/her representative) may present evidence to the panel at the hearing. A majority decision by the committee shall be required in order to grant any appeal. (31.47) The decision of the appeal committee shall be final and binding. (31.48)
  • 2. All unexpended funds from the pool for SSI-eligible employees in fiscal years 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 shall be available to fund successful appeals. (31.48)

EFFECTIVE: Immediately