California State University, Long Beach

Policy Statement 97-03
January 13, 1997

Certificate in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (code 1-8040)
(Supersedes PS 81-02)

This revised and renamed certificate was recommended by the Academic Senate on November 14, 1996 and approved by the President on December 19, 1996.

Directors: Dr. Judith Tyner; Director, Dr. Franklin Gossette, Associate Director

This program offers specialized training in a variety of theoretical and applied cartographic techniques. The program is designed to provide experience in communication through maps and serves as a supplement to standard degree programs. It provides essential training for those seeking map making careers in both the public and private sector.


1. A Bachelor's Degree, which may be earned concurrently.

2. Consultation with the Director of the program.

3. 30 units distributed as follows:

A. Courses marked with an * are required;

B. At lease one elective must be taken from each category;

C. Courses marked with ** are not available to undergraduate students.

Design and Presentation
GEOG 482*, 484*


GEOG 200 (or equivalent)*, 380*, 400, 483*, 485*, MATH 101 (or equivalent), 117.

GEOG 486, 488*, 492/592, 680**, CE 225, ME 172, GEOL 535**


Code: 8040
College: 28
Career: UG

PS 97-03