California State University, Long Beach Policy Statement
June 23, 1995

B.A. in Journalism
Option in Print Journalism (code 2-6463)

This program was recommended by the Academic Senate on February 16, 1995
and received concurrence from the President on June 19, 1995.

A minimum of 29 journalism and a maximum of 34 communication units of which at least 24 must be upper division. Students will also be counseled into a minor or an area of concentration of at least 15 units of study outside journalism designed to aid in reaching their professional objectives. The department requires Print Option majors take ENGL 320, English Grammar, prior to taking JOUR 331, Publication Editing and Makeup. A foreign language is also recommended for majors in the option. Students must have a minimum of 90 non-communication units with at least 68 of the 90 units in the traditional Liberal Arts and Science areas. No more than 22 units can be in areas that do not fall into the Liberal Arts and Science or Communication categories.

Lower Division: JOUR 110, 120.

Upper Division: JOUR 316, 319, 320, 323, 331, 420, 430, and one or more of the following: JOUR 305 or 480, 312, 315, 350, 412, 422, 431, 490, 498, or 499.

Recommended additional courses are: JOUR 180, 380, 428, 455, 494.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1995