California State University, Long Beach
Policy Statement
November 15, 1993

Certificate in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field which encompasses many domains of science. Specifically, biotechnology refers to a process which ultimately yields a product. The products can be loosely subdivided into five categories; biological organisms with novel traits, DNAs, RNAs, proteins, and compounds. The Undergraduate Certificate in Biotechnology is the integrated use of specific offerings of the College of Natural Sciences, including the following departments; Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Laboratory facilities and selected courses will serve to provide a fundamental background in the theory and techniques of biotechnology. The Certificate may be earned in conjunction with or subsequent to a baccalaureate degree. Courses offered for the certificate may be used to satisfy, as appropriate, major or minor requirements.

Prerequisites for admission for the Certificate in Biotechnology:

1) Completion of the following courses with a grade of "C" or better (or permission of the biotechnology certificate program director): CHEM 111A,B; CHEM 321A and 322; CHEM 441A,B; BIOL 240 (or 334); BIOL 370; MICR 210;

2) Consent of the biotechnology certificate program director

Requirements for the Certificate in Biotechnology:

1) A baccalaureate degree (can be concurrent);
2) Completion of the program's prerequisite course requirements;
3) Approval by the Program Director;
4) Completion of the Core Curriculum: BIOL 477/577 (3); BIOL 477L/577L (4); A/P 480/580 (1); BIOL 473/573 (3); BIOL 480/580 (1); Additional 3 units to be selected in consultation with the program director
5) Completion of 3 units consisting of an approved research project in biotechnology to be taken from one or more of the following: A/P 496; BIOL 496; CHEM 496; or MICR 496 (undergraduate students) OR A/P 697; BIOL 697; CHEM 697; or MICR 697 (graduate students)
6) Total Units Required for Certificate: 18 units

Effective: Immediately