California State University, Long Beach                                                                               Policy Statement


                                                                                                                                                       January 2, 1990


Minor in Classical Studies

This academic program was approved by the Academic Senate on December 7, 1989, and this action received the concurrence of the President on December 15, 1989.


The Minor in Classical Studies replaces the Certificate in Mediterranean Studies.

The purpose of the Minor in Classical Studies is to provide students a way to study Greek and Roman civilization in several of its major aspects. Students preparing to teach in the K-12 range may focus on 2 or 3 areas of early western tradition with this minor. The Minor also serves those students who seek personal enrichment in this area of study to accompany any major.

Requirements for the Minor In Classical Studies (code 0-6810)

A student must complete 20 units, nine of which must be upper-division courses, as follows: 1. Two courses, both in the same language, in either Latin or Greek.

2. A minimum of two courses selected from the following list: CLSC 200, 291, 3101, C/LT 4211, 450 or 452 (with appropriate topics), or Latin or Greek courses in addition to those taken to fulfill requirement 1., above.

3. A minimum of two courses selected from the following list:

HIST 3101, 313, 314, PHIL 421, 422, ENGL 325, 420, 421, 426, 431, ANTH 140, 450, ART 334, or POSC 415.


EFFECTIVE: Fall 1990