California State University, Long Beach


June 20, 1984

                                                                                                                            Number: 84-03

                                                                                                                            File:  Certificate

This curricular program was recommended by the
Academic Senate in its meeting of May 10,  1984,
and received the concurrence of the President on
June 1, 1984.


The Public Sector Financial Management Certificate Program is a six-course academic program designed for public managers and other interested in obtaining an understanding of governmental financial management concepts, functions, techniques, and issues.  The Program is designed to familiarize students with financial management problems and the techniques available for solving them.  An emphasis is placed on how to recognize, evaluate, and utilize financial information in decision making.

Required Preparation

1.    An undergraduate degree in public administration or equivalent preparation for graduate study in public administration.

2.    Acceptance by the University as a post-baccalaureate student.

3.    An undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or better, or 3.00 in the last 60 upper- and graduate-division units attempted.  A student whose overall undergraduate grade point average is less than 2.75, but who presents acceptable evidence of professional potential shown through recent academic performance and experiential background, may be admitted by special action of the faculty of the Center for Public Policy and Administration

Other Information

Each student must be approved for admission by the Director of the Center.

A total of six semester units of course work from a completed master's degree in Public Administration/Public Affairs may be applied toward the coursework requirements of the Certificate program.

Fifteen units of subject and unit credit earned in this Certificate program may be applied to the M.P.A. degree program, after acceptance into the M.P.A. program.

Course Requirements

A.    A total of six courses are required, as follows:


PPA 555    Public Budgeting
PPA 565    Local Government Finance Skills
PPA 590    Basic Governmental (Fund) Accounting

B.    Three elective courses to be selected from the following: PPA 520    Governmental Administrative Service Analysis
PPA 522    Automating Governmental Administration
PPA 527    Productivity in Local Government
PPA 540    Grants Administration and Management
PPA 560    Public Financial Management Techniques and Issues
PPA 590    Government Acquisition Policy
PPA 590    Contracting for Public Services

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1984