California State University, Long Beach
February 24, 1982

Number: 82-1
File: Certificate


This curricular program, recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of January 28, 1982, was approved by the President on February 10, 1982.


The name of the program is the Graduate Certificate Program in Public Sector Analytical and Administrative Skills. The Certificate is designed to enhance the analytical and administrative capabilities of urban governmental practitioners (managerial/staff), public-related nonprofit and public affairs/governmental affairs officers, and recently promoted- or starting career employees.

Required Background

1. An undergraduate degree in Public Administration or equivalent preparation for graduate study in Public Administration.

2. Acceptance by University as a post-baccalaureate student.

3. An undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or better. A student whose overall undergraduate average is less than 2.75 but who presents acceptable evidence of professional potential shown through recent academic performance and experiential background may be admitted by special action of the Center.

4. Employment in the public service or related activities, or a goal of public service-related activities.

5. A total of six units from a completed master's degree in Public Administration/Public Affairs may be applied to the Certificate Program.

6. Approval of the Director, Center for Public Policy and Administration.

Requirements for the Certificate

The candidate shall complete 18 units of course work, a minimum of 12 units of which shall be in residence at California State University, Long Beach.

Required Courses:

Course No. Title Units

PPA 515 Administrative Report Writing 3
PPA 590 Governmental Administrative Services Analysis 3
PPA 696 Research Models in Public Administration 3

Three elective courses, to be selected a from the following:

Course No. Title Units

PPA 540 Grants Administration and Management 3
PPA 555 Public Budgeting 3
PPA 590 Urban Information Systems 3
PPA 590 Productivity in Local Government 3
PPA 590 Automating Government Administration 3
PPA 590 Public Financial Management Techniques and Issues 3

NOTE: Not more than three courses, for a total of nine units of PPA 590 Special Topics series, may be applied to the Certificate Program.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1982