December 7, 1984
FILE: Repetition of Courses; Repeat/Delete

The following policy was recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of November 29, 1984 and received the concurrence of the President on December 7, 1984.


Repetition of Courses for a Satisfactory Grade (Repeat/Delete)

An undergraduate student who has received a grade of D, F, U, or NC in a course taken at CSULB may petition once to repeat the course and have the second grade substituted for the first in the computation of units attempted and grade points earned, provided that the second grade assigned is an A, B, C, or CR. A second or subsequent grade of D, F, U, or NC will not be substituted for the first and will be computed in units attempted and grade points earned, but the extra units earned will not be counted toward graduation. A graduate student who has been assigned a grade of D, F, U, or NC on a course required for the degree must repeat the course for a satisfactory grade, but the second or subsequent units may not be substituted for the first and the additional units cannot be applied toward the unit requirements of the degree. All grades received will remain on record. The course must be repeated at this campus in regular or summer session. A student who receives a CR or a C or better in a course may not repeat the course for credit toward a degree, except as provided for below under "Repeatable Courses."

The permission of the Chair of the department in which the course is offered must be obtained and the request filed in the Office of Admissions and Records during the first four weeks of instruction. Departments, with the approval of the school Dean, may adopt a policy that prohibits the substitution of grades provided for above if such a policy includes provisions for exceptional cases.

Repeatable Courses

A student may repeat for additional units or credit toward a baccalaureate or graduate degree any course specified as repeatable in the Bulletin up to the limits specified. Each department determines the unit limits and any other limitations for courses that may be repeated. In general, except for activity courses, a student may not repeat a course having the same content as the one for which credit was initally received.