NUMBER: 75-07


REFERENCE: Academic Renewal

SUBJECT: Academic Renewal

The following recommendation re: Academic Renewal which was approved at the Academic Senate's meeting February 21, 1975, is approved as follows:

A student may petition to have all the grades and units received during one or two semesters (or up to three quarter terms) of undergraduate work disregarded in the computation of grade point average and academic standing. The work so disregarded may have been taken at any collegiate-level institution but no work taken during the disregarded terms, even if satisfactory, may apply toward baccalaureate requirements. All grades and units attempted will remain on record. At least five calendar years must have elapsed since the work in question was completed and the student must have subsequently completed 15 semester units with a 3.0 GPA (or 30 semester units with a 2.5 or 45 semester units with a 2.0) at this University before filing a request for disregarding the coursework.

Petitions for disregarding coursework shall 'be submitted to the Records Office. Final determination shall be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the University Scholastic Standards Committee. The petitioning student must certify that the work to be disregarded was not reflective of his or her present level of academic performance. This certification must include a statement explaining the extenuating circumstances causing the substandard performance during the terms in question. The student must also provide evidence that it would be necessary to complete additional units or semesters in order to qualify for the baccalaureate degree if the request were not approved.

Effective immediately.