Minutes 5/18/73

AS (GC) 73-24


1. All admission requirements of the University/School/ Department must be met (all general regulations listed in the Graduate Bulletin also apply to the second Master's Degree).

2. All requirements for the new degree must be completed.

3. After awarding of the First Master's Degree, a minimum of 24 units of graduate residence credit must be earned at this University including the minimum of 5001600 series units mandated by the major department in which he is earning the second Master's Degree.

4. No more than 6 units earned on the first degree may be applied to a second Master's Degree Program.

5. Prerequisites for an advanced course must be completed prior to enrollment in the advanced course. No course credit will be granted for a course which is a prerequisite to one for which credit has been received.

6. All prerequisites must be completed prior to application for candidacy.

7. Approval of candidacy for the second degree will be granted only after the first degree has been awarded.

8. Two Master's Degrees cannot be awarded concurrently at this University.

9. Area or discipline in which the second degree is earned shall be designated on the transcript and a second diploma awarded.

Approved by the Graduate Council 2/21/73, Minutes Approved 3/7/73.

Distributed to the Academic Senate 4/27/73 and 5/4/73.

Deemed Approved by the Academic Senate 5/4/73.

Approved by the President of the University 5/15/73.