Minutes 9/22/72

AS (PEP) 73-5


1. Curricular approval by school(s) concerned must be obtained prior to offering any new or innovative courses (either regular or experimental).

2. Adequate time should be allowed for proper planning and coordination of innovative courses and procedures.

3. Students enrolled in program should be drawn only from
following sources:

a. Regularly matriculated students at CSULB (within budgeted FTE);

b. Non-matriculated students who pass screening and are admitted in the extension mode.

4. Innovative courses given under this program will be eligible for General Education Category VI unless another category is specifically authorized by the Planning & Educational Policies Council and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Distributed to the Academic Senate 5/12/72 and 5/19/72.

Approved by Action of the Academic Senate 5/19/72, Item 1/20.

Approved by the President of the University 6/12/72.