Minutes 5/21/71




Each semester every course taught and each faculty member shall be evaluated by means of an evaluation form completed by the students in his class(es). This evaluation form shall include a standardized college-wide questionnaire which shall deal with course characteristics, instructor characteristics, and teaching procedures, and an optional departmental questionnaire which supplements the college-wide questionnaire and deals with course characteristics, instructor characteristics, and teaching procedures which are considered unique to that department and which may delineate further certain aspects of the college-wide questionnaire. The Academic Senate shall appoint an ad hoc committee of seven, consisting of students and faculty (composed, in part, of persons who possess experience and expertise in administrative procedures and the development of evaluation instruments) to develop for future Senate consideration:

A. The college-wide questionnaire (s);

B. The recommended procedures for administering the questionnaire (s);

C. The recommended procedures for tabulating and summarizing the questionnaire(s) results; and

D. The recommended procedures for the utilization of the results, with due regard to existing policy on derogatory information as stated in Sections 6,200 and 6,300, Personnel Policies, and Sections 7.104, 7,110, and 7.111, RTA&P Document, contained in the Faculty Handbook.


Approved by the Academic Senate 4/16/71.
Approved by the President of the College 5/13/71.