• The MCC welcomes suggestions for films and donations of films for its library.
  • The Center has an extensive library of journals, magazines, books, archived newspaper articles, video & audio tapes, and educational video sets that address issues of culture and multiculturalism.
  • The Center offers diversity workshops, lectures, presentations, and forums open to the campus community.
  • The Center's spacious conference room can be reserved for events, five days a week. (50 people capacity)
  • The Multicultural Center will features art celebrating cultural diversity.
  • Feature films available with cultural content.


Links below are Resource Library listings:


DVD List at the MCC

Comedians list at MCC

List of Documentaries at MCC


MCC New Book Descriptions

Magazines at the Multicultural Center

A Complete List of Resources on Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education - World Wide Web Sites

The lists below are folders of archived audio files. If you want to have them on CD/flashdrive) come into the MCC (F03-Room-03) and we can download the files for you (bring blank CD or flash drive). Also the Academic Technology office can do the copying and put a URL link on your Blackboard page.

KPFK Audio Archives-List #1

KPFK Audio Archives-List_2

KPFK Archives Audios_List3