Director, Dr. James Sauceda                     Dr. Sauceda in Tokyo, Japan Jan. 2009

                                                                                     Dr. Sauceda in Tokyo, Japan [2009]                                                   


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The truth is...most of us have never really been Listened to - I mean heard in our "secret" selves-or seen with our authentic faces on.  It's so much easier to withdraw isn't it?  To wear masks.  Fake people out with our fancy footwork.  Yeah, you know, to keep strangers as strangers for whatever reason--Their skin color, age, sexual orientation, you name it--Well, my new friends, let's listen with a fresh Listen.  The better truth is there's a remarkable and Radiant Rainbow of differences in our country, in our state, in our local communities, on our campus's and workplaces.  There's a vivid color of spectrum of experience, of feeling, and of need.  Now, I admit, dealing with our differences is uncomfortable, we get threatened and suspicious.  But, if we dare to truly Listen without judgment, with hearts Open, with the trust of a child, defenses down - Then the voices we'll hear will sound familiar and even reassuring.

Biography of Dr. James Steven Manseau Sauceda
Director of the Multicultural Center
California State University, Long Beach

James Steven Manseau Sauceda, a third generation Mexican American, is a native son of Los Angeles.  Born in 1952, he grew up and attended schools in Compton, California.  He received his B.A. Degree in Speech Communication from CSULB, being honored as his department's top graduate in 1974.  His Masters Degree, also from CSULB, included international study in London, Dublin, and Wales.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1976.  For his doctorate in Communication Arts and Sciences, he attended the University of Southern California.   He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1980.  Currently, Dr. Manseau Sauceda is a Professor in Communication Studies at CSULB.

Dr. Manseau Sauceda's background in multiculturalism, intercultural communication, and international education is far reaching and varied.  He has taught courses in Ethnic Studies at USC, the California School of Professional Psychology, and CSULB.  His published work has appeared in the prestigious text Intercultural Communication: A Reader (edited by Samovar and Porter), and he has written a second monograph for the Reader's 9th edition.  Dr. Manseau Sauceda is completing a major work, Communicating Across The Cultural Divide: Understanding and Experiencing a Multicultural America.  Additionally, Dr. Manseau Sauceda has presented many scholarly papers and professional workshops, including those for the annual conventions of the International Communication Association, the Western States Communication Association, the East meets West Conference, the Association of International Educators, the Speech Communication Association, among others.

Dr. Manseau Sauceda facilitated and created the curriculum for the pilot program Latino Leadership Academy in the fall of 2010. The program will continue with various faculty and student facilitators as it moves forward.

Dr. Manseau Sauceda continues to pursue his creative writing projects.  His play, Magic Kit, took a top prize in the National Chicano Literary Competition.  Furthermore, he has completed writing 'Hey Zeus' his second original screenplay, (a project in which he also composed the musical score.)  In addition, Dr. Manseau Sauceda is a poet who has performed his work throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  His poetry has been translated into Spanish and is featured in an anthology published in Mexico; Nueva Poesia de Los Angeles, Universidad De Guadalajara, 1994.

Finally, Dr. Manseau Sauceda is in demand nationally as a speaker.  He has been Keynote and Plenary speaker for the United Nations Association, the Association of International Educators (NAFSA), the California Association for Counseling and Development, the California Cooperative Education Association, TESOL, the Honor Society for International Scholars (Phi Beta Delta), Summer Bridge and Minority Engineering Programs, Hispanic Youth Leadership Conferences to name but a few engagements.  Dr. Manseau Sauceda is also available for Multicultural/Intercultural Communication Consulting and Workshops tailored to the needs of students, faculty and staff, as well as companies in the private sector.

Dr. Manseau Sauceda is the founding director of the Multicultural Center at California State University, Long Beach.  He is also the founder and director of "The Rainbow Voices," a multicultural theater troupe which brought issues of diversity to elementary, middle, high school, and college campuses.  The Rainbow Voices brought their message of acceptance to over 60,000 students nationwide.

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