photo of Assistant Director

Assistant Director  Cynthia Schultheis 


Cynthia Schultheis, is celebrating her 10th year at the Multicultural Center as the Assistant Director. Cynthia is an alumna of CSULB where she earned her B.A. in American Studies with an emphasis in Comparative Cultures in 1991. She graduated with her M.A. in 1994 in U.S. History, with a minor in U.S. Women's History. She taught U.S. History, U.S. Women's History and Comparative Cultures at local community colleges for 6 years before coming back permanently to CSULB in 2002.

Cynthia taught University 100 for over 5 years and is currently a reader for the Writing Proficiency Exams.


She has been working and studying ("The truly educated never graduate") on campus since 1988, starting as a Work-Study student asst., as a Graduate Assistant and Supplemental Instructor in the department of History. While a lecturer, she also held temporary positions on campus. Collectively, Cynthia has worked in 15 departments and can be a walking resource for students.

She enjoys helping students with their academic endeavors, research, and sharing ideas about academia in general. She is enthusiastic about multicultural arts and has contributed to the MCC's gallery of cultural art and objects herself as well as initiating art projects at the MCC (the Multicultural Mural by an art education alumni, and the "Peace & Support Flag for the U.S. Troops with a link on this site. In summer of 2012, two art majors did another art project titled "Pyramids: Ancient and Modern."

Since arriving at the Multicultural Center, has served twice on the grants panel for the Arts Council of Long Beach, served 3 years as a commissioner on CSULB's President's Commission on the Status Women, and is currently a staff member on the Campus Climate Comittee and the Center for Peace & Social Justice. She was inducted as a member into Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society of International Scholars in 2003.

"I truly enjoy working along side with the CSULB community and feel as though I've seen education from all sides: as a student, a faculty member and now a staff member and I think I can relate to and help students in whatever capacity they require."


"I Am An American" poem published in RipRap Issue #35 this spring of 2013.

I have elevated the mind of man
with the Enlightenment ~
But, I can’t seem to fathom
separation of Church and State.

I represent the free market and
the pursuit of happiness~
But, I continue to force many
to find theirs in the shadows.

I spawned the man who gave us
the Emancipation Proclamation~
But, it took two little ladies to
spark the fires of our civil wars.

I quadrupled my land holdings
with a scheme called Manifest Destiny~
But, in the process displaced and decimated an
entire race of people.

I’ve preached democracy from
my bully pulpits~
But, denied the ballot
to over half of my citizens.

I have fought and won
the Great War to end all wars~
But, can’t find the recipe
for world peace.

I have set precedents for
due process and fair play~
But, take advantage of the
vulnerable, poor and different.

I have invented a weapon
to destroy the earth~
But, I have used it to ignite The Cold
around the world for decades.

I have beaten down my brothers
in the alleys of the ghettos~
But, I have built courthouses
to give the illusion of justice.

I have fought and died in
the jungles of Vietnam~
But, I have learned nothing
about the heart of darkness.

I have sent my sons and fathers
to war to “tear down that wall”~
But, abet a begotten nation to
build a new wall of exclusion.

I have built a rocket that
goes faster than the speed of sound~
But, I sit in filthy streets
idling in traffic.

I have fed half of the
people on the planet~
But, I watch famine
prevail on the Nightly News.

I sermonize on Sundays
about God’s love and forgiveness~
But, I cannot forgive or love
those who believe in another God.

I have built a thousand
million homes~
But, I evade the wanting eyes
of the homeless.

I have unraveled the double
helix of life~
But, can’t seem to come to
a consensus on when life begins.

I have surpassed time with
modern telecommunications~
But, I have opened a
new Pandora’s Box.

I have the technology
to put a man on the moon~
But, am losing the wars on
Poverty, Cancer and Drugs.

I live in the greatest country
in the greatest time in history~
But, I scorn the ground
I stand upon.

I am proud,
But, I am ashamed~
I am an American.