Outreach and Faculty Services

Are your students doing as well as you would like?

Our primary objective is to maximize what students learn from their instructors.  Because you know best what students need to be successful in your course and how our staff can help either an individual student or your entire class, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Faculty most often contact us about:

  • In-class study skills workshops tailored to actual course requirements
  • Diagnostic assessment of individual students' learning needs
  • Instructional support for students experiencing academic difficulty

If these general categories don't spark an idea, here are several of the ways we have worked with your colleagues recently:

  • Presenting study skills workshops to a class, applying strategies to the actual text, test format, lecture style or research requirements of the course
  • Developing special classroom presentations on completing unique course assignments
  • Diagnosing the underlying causes of student difficulty and providing appropriate instruction
  • Assessing students' reading skills in several General Education and major courses
  • Creating special tutorials or Supplemental instruction classes to support key departmental courses
  • Consulting about the learning process and related teaching techniques
  • Helping train TAs, discussion leaders and classroom facilitators
  • Providing Work experiences (teaching, researching, advising, or other activities) for undergraduate, graduate and pre-doctoral students

Please let us know what we can do to help you.

For study skills, assessment, training, and research, contact Dr. Gen Ramirez at (562)985-8634 or gramirez@csulb.edu.

To arrange tutorial help for your students, or to recommend prospective tutors, contact Vanessa Najpauer at (562)985-5627 or vnajpaue@csulb.edu.

To get information about SI classes or recommend prospective SI leaders, contact Deborah Hann at (562)985-8635 or dhann@csulb.edu.

For additional information on our Outreach programs or to schedule a presentation contact Megan Jackson at (562)985-5350 or mmurray2@csulb.edu

The Learning Assistance Center

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