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California State University, Long Beach
General Education at CSULB
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Quantitative Reasoning (PQR)

GOAL:  To confidently and fluently apply technical skills and quantitative reasoning that will allow them to be life-long learners of mathematics.

as measured by students being able to:

  • Demonstrate the recall of basic mathematical facts and definitions when given a well-posed mathematical equation.
  • Execute basic arithmetic and algebraic manipulations when given a well-posed mathematical equation.
  • Apply quantitative reasoning in problem solving in mathematics.
  • Generate hypotheses and questions pertaining to a given situation or set of data, and find evidence to support or refute those hypotheses either through numerical comparison or rigorous mathematical reasoning.
  • Evaluate their own and others’ quantitative reasoning, by probing the validity of assumptions, critiquing the reasonableness of conclusions, and detecting fallacies in quantitative reasoning..


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