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California State University, Long Beach
General Education at CSULB
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Ethical Reasoning and Social Responsibility (ERSR)

GOAL:  To recognize ethical issues in personal, professional and civic life and to defend a position with good reasoning and consideration of opposing views

as measured by students being able to:


  • Frame ethical problems by identifying values and the conflicts among those values, and by determining stakeholders and the cultural underpinnings of stakeholder points of view in any given ethical conflict.
  • Analyze conclusions through weighing values by the standards of particular ethical and social-ethical systems and perspectives.
  • Construct valid arguments for ethical options as well as identifying the flaws of reasoning or statement in a given ethical argument.
  • Act on the results of their valid ethical reasoning, doing the good as they critically understand it as well as making sound value judgments in their personal, professional and community lives.
  • Approach ethical conclusions as tentative and needing continuing reflection in light of the values they adopt, the values they hold, the differential weighting of those values, the social contexts of their ethical choices, and the quality of their own and others’ ethical reasoning.


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