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Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies: Lynn Mahoney

Director: Nele Hempel-Lamer

Assistant Director: Terri Iler

Academic Advisor: Kashima Samuels

Office: Library West (LBW), Room 214

Phone: (562) 985-4706

The University Honors Program provides a selected group of highly qualified students with a unique educational experience. With small classes and opportunities to work closely with distinguished faculty and advisors, the University Honors Program offers students the best of a small college experience alongside the opportunities afforded by a comprehensive university setting. It unites the committed student and faculty member in a learning relationship in which each has the highest expectations of the other. Students will be fully immersed in the learning process and therefore must have both the ability and willingness to do intense and often self-directed intellectual work as well as a desire to make the most of the opportunities available in the University.

General Honors offers a special approach to the General Education requirements of the University through a cohesive and unified program of study. It is a program of carefully selected courses and specially designed, multi-disciplinary seminars, most of which are applied toward the 48 units of General Education courses required for graduation of all students.

(Separate information is available on Honors for Undergraduate Students)

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