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Graduate Studies 700

Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy and completed all other coursework but who need to complete the culminating activity for their program (thesis, project or comprehensive exam) must maintain continuous enrollment every spring and fall semester by registering in a course or in GS 700 or having received an approved educational leave. 

Graduate students who have departmental approval may enroll in GS 700 the first and second time online using MyCSULB.  There are seven sections of GS 700 according to the college of enrollment:

    • G S 700A College of Health & Human Services (CHHS)
    • G S 700B College of Liberal Arts (COLA)
    • G S 700C College of Business (CBA)
    • G S 700D College of Education (COED)
    • G S 700E College of Engineering (COE)
    • G S 700F College of Arts (COTA)
    • G S 700G College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (CNSM)

Students who wish to enroll in additional semesters of GS 700 will be required to obtain the approval of their department and the associate dean of their college.

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