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Department Chair: Jerry Mosher

Department Office: University Telecommunications Center (UTC), Room 104

Telephone: (562) 985-5404

Faculty: Jack Anderson, Tom Blomquist, Sharyn Blumenthal, Robert Finney (Emeritus), Brian Alan Lane (Emeritus), Jerry Mosher, Micheal C. Pounds, Jose Sanchez-H.

Administrative Coordinator: Donna Thomas

Academic Advisor: Lorenzo Gutierrez-Jarquin

Instructional Support Technician: Steve Hubbert

Information Technology Consultant: Robert Rhyu

Career Possibilities

Producer • Director • Screenwriter • Cinematographer • Film Editor • Sound Designer • Studio Engineer • Production Designer • Visual Effects Designer • Digital Animator • Production Supervisor • Casting Supervisor • Media Educator • Media Archivist • Media Publicist • Production Equipment Specialist (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see


Film and Electronic Arts is an innovative program that emphasizes both theory and practice. Focusing upon the integration of media and the arts, as well as upon the impact of technology on our culture, the curriculum is designed to provide technical skills while developing a foundation in the arts and the humanities.

The faculty provides a diversity of expertise and interests which cross traditional media lines while integrating the traditional film, audio, and video production modes. Theory and aesthetics are taught as an integral part of the development of production skills.


Freshman applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Electronic Arts will be placed in a pre-major code for Film and Electronic Arts. Admission as pre-Narrative Production or pre-Theory and Practice does not guarantee admission to the major. Continuing students must complete the major-specific admissions requirements and apply for admission to an FEA degree option before they reach 90 units.

Students may apply to the FEA Option in Narrative Production when they will have completed a minimum of 56 units but less than 90 units at the end of the Spring semester prior to the start of the program the following Fall.

Transfer applicants must apply to the University during the initial Fall filing period for the following Fall semester, or August for the following Spring semester. They must indicate their choice of FEA major on the application. Applications for Narrative Production are accepted only for Fall semester entrance. Eligible transfer Narrative Production applicants must submit a supplemental portfolio to the FEA Department in addition to the University's supplemental application.

Supplemental Screening Criteria

1. Before the first semester as a declared major, students must complete FEA 299 with a grade of "C" or higher.

2. Students must attempt to fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) by the end of the semester in which FEA 299 is completed.

3. Completion of ART 110 or AH 111B.

Students who fail to meet the supplemental screening criteria may not continue in the major and may re-apply only once in accordance with University policy regarding impacted majors.

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